ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.5)

The area of Markopoulou is facing the fiery nightmare. The flames, reinforced by the strong winds that blow in the area, have reached the yards of houses and there are houses burning at the moment.

Α protest gathering was held earlier, outside the Ministry of Labour, the employees of the Social Security and pension funds, demonstrating against the work availability.

Strikes and protests are up for the next days. With a  48 hour strike today, and tomorrow the employees of OAED(Manpower Employment Organization) demonstrate against the work mobility. Strikes have been announced by the Federation of Unions of Civil Aviation employees on   the 9th, 10th and 11th and on the 15th 16th, and 17th of August, in response to the inclusion of 300 colleagues of them into work availability.

New changes at the social security system with twists on contributions, on lump sums, on main and supplementary pensions and massive mergers of social funds, is being prepared by the Government.
The trigger for the coming changes was given by the Minister of Labour, Giannis Vroutsis, with his recent reference that the social security system is not sustainable as it is today.
Among the planned interventions is, the elimination of the employer contributions for social security, up to a limit of wage, so to achieve the reduction of contributions by 3.9 percentage points, up to 2016, as required in the Memorandum, starting from January 1st 2014.
In the plan, it is also proposed, to increase taxes, in order to cover the loss of revenue of the public security system, either by raising taxation of the income or raising the tax of real estate.

The Minister of Administrative Reform, mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, pointed out that : «We are ready for the 12.500 staff availability by the end of September,
The minister added, that «another 4% of the public sector servants, will enter the state of work mobility, and the 2% of the public servants will be fired.

Intergovernmental turbulence is caused by the possibility of allowing the main residence auctions and confiscations in 2014, as the Troika applies pressure for radical changes of the legislation, and the removal of the legal safety net against auctions for the main residence.

A prerequisite for the normal disbursement of the subsequent doses of the loan, is the strict implementation of the memorandum terms, and especially the abidance to the timetable for the job layoffs in the public sector, stated at the Real News Newspaper the Minister of Finance Giannis Stournaras, noting that a possible early election would create the impression that Greece is not determined to continue on with the necessary reforms.

Large scale police operation took place early today in Patras, with the presence of prosecutors, for the evacuation of three buildings. The operation was done at the building of the former branch of the University of Patras, in the center of the town, at the «Maragkopoulion» building which is located at Gounari street, and in a building of the TEI of Patras.
During the invasion of the Police 16 people  were prosecuted, and brought at the Patras’ Police headquarters, with 5 of them arrested, while dozens of supporters of the indicted have gathered outside the Police Headquarters of Achaia.
According to the police statement, present during the operation, were representatives of the organizations who own of those buildings.

Leaders in tax evasion, at the most provocative ways, prove to be the circles of night club owners.
In Halkidiki, the nightclub owner in whose shop Panos Kiamos was appearing, opened the shop, violating the padlock imposed by the Financial Crime Authorities after being found accountable, for a variety of tax offenses.

In their announcement the members of the Cooperation of Tobacco Producers of Thrace, accuse the company «Gold Mines of Thrace SA) for unethical and unprofessional conduct, disapproving the companies’ attitude and stating that, they do not accept for any research to be carried out in their property.

We have the obligation and the responsibility to denounce and condemn the attitude of the Company «Gold Mines of Thrace SA), which totally ignores the difficult conditions created by their activity, and despises the incessant work and efforts of the farmers, throughout the year, trying to earn their basic life needs.

The Cooperation of Tobacco Producers of Thrace, we denounce and condemn this unethical and unprofessional conduct by the gold mining company.

Their announcement concludes: «By no means we accept, and under no circumstance we allow, the gold mining company to carry our research in the precious for our living farmlands.

The memorandum has seriously harmed the Rethymno prefecture, its health and welfare structure, economic and social life, and the ability of its people to survive.

The Rethymno General Hospital is understaffed, due to retirements among the medical and nursing staff, and the operation of its departments is already problematic, bordering on inadequate, with no possibility of leave or a day off for the staff.

Some departments, such as Phlebotomy and Urology, operate with a single doctor or with no doctor at all, and patients are hospitalized with no one on active duty, in which case it isn’t clear who would bear liability if complications emerge.

For the last 10 months, the staff haven’t been compensated for overtime and additional overnight duty, and have made known that, from September on, they won’t be available for further unpaid work, something which will result in serious disruptions in the operation of major hospital departments

Artists, continue to show their solidarity and support to ERT with their daily presence at the premises of Agia Paraskevi.
Tonight with us, will be the composer and virtuoso at bouzouki Christos Nikolopoulos, with his folk orchestra, Zoe Papadopoulou and Elias Makris


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