ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug. 6)

In recession is the major forest fire that broke out last night at 11pm areas at the area between Varimpompi and Thracomacedones. 122 firemen, with 61 vehicles, 26 hikers, 6 water tank vehicles from the municipality, and dozens of volunteers battled all night with the flaming fronts. Firefighters from all around Greece came to the aid. According to the fire department, no people were endangered, but a house was burnt down, while many others have suffered damages.

Very high risk for fire outbreaks today too, because of the strong winds in the areas, of Attica, Viotia, Fthiotida, Peloponnese, Cyclades, Skyros, Lesvos and Chios islands.

Under control is the big forest fire that broke out yesterday in Marathonas area, after having burnt at least 10 houses in the residential area of AVRA and damaging many others.

In recession  is the big forest fire that destroyed since yesterday a big area of an ancient olive grove near the village of Sernikaki of Amfissa in Fthiotida. The fire that broke out by a  yet unknown cause, fastly spread because of the strong winds that blew in  the area. Some farmer storehouses were burnt but no homes were in danger.

The employees of OAED (Manpower Employment Organization) are on strike today, demonstrating  against the work mobility.

Dedicated to OAED are todays’ events in ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi.
Tonight there will be an open discussion on the issue of «Public OAED the only employment and social policy agency»

A concert will follow dedicated to the employees of OAED that are on strike, with Lena Alkaiou, and her musicians, while the night will end with the Greek alternative rock group «Chartina Ftera”.

With a point rating, system, will the employees of the new public broadcaster NERIT, be chosen said the deputy Minister, Pantelis Kapsis, speaking at Mega channel yesterday. Priority to the previous employees of ERT, will be given only for the transitional scheme that   will not be longer than 3 to 4 months. 

The Minister stressed out, that the formal note of interest for work positions at NERIT, will be issued within August, under the ASEP regulations

The representative of the  ERT employees, mrs Machi Nikolara, pointed out that the employees of ERT, DO NOT accept the entity of the transitional broadcaster, as there is no work and professional security and assurance.

The employees of ERT sent an open letter to the two thousand participants in the twenty third World Congress of Philosophy which is held in Athens. In their letter, the ERT employees welcome the philosophers to Athens, but also remind them that the Greek government, under Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, shut down the Greek National Radio and Television on June 11, 2013, in an arbitrary fashion, violating Article 5A of the Greek Constitution which guarantees the right of public access to information.

The Minister of Culture  Panos Panagiotopoulos, was deprecated during his speech, at the event of the World Congress of Philosophy, at Herodium, Saturday, where he conveyed a message of the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras.

A complaint against the closure of the public broadcaster ERT was made by the rector of The National University of Athens, mr. Theodosis Pelegrinis.

Speaking at the World Congress of Philosophy, he characterized the closure of the public broadcaster as an impropriety and he strongly criticized the Government’s negligence in the matter of reopening the broadcaster.
A door of culture and public dialogue is closed.

In an announcement the «Autonomous Intervention» note, that «the struggle of ERT is a struggle of everyone to be wined and has to be supported by  daily presence at the ERT premises.

An Event of support to the struggle of the redundant ERT employees, will be held Today, Tuesday, August 6th, in Nicosia. The event is co-organized by the Greek Cypriot organization of Nicosia, (ERAS) (Committee for a Radical Left alliance) the TurkishCypriot Press Union (BasinSEN), and the union of Turkish- Cypriot teachers, (KTOS).

In their announcement the organizers, emphasize that: «the targeting and the final closure of ERT, is not just any move within the scheme of attack, of Greek and European capital, against the working classes of Greece and Europe. It is a well chosen action, that carries the main political message, that » we are not going to be stopped by nothing».

This makes the ERT employees struggle, perhaps more than any other working struggle in all Europe, the struggle of Cypriot and Turkish workers as well. The ruthless class war, that is evolving today in Greece, and it so obviously emphasizes the intentions of the capitalists, is only the prelude of what will evolve throughout Cyprus, Turkey, and worldwide, when the global financial crisis manifests, at the same degree that already has, in Greek society.

The quality of the self-managed programs of ERT that are broadcasted for two months now, by the redundant employees, is a legacy of the management level from workers of another world, which has now become an objective, through the slogan heard, in every corner of the planet «ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE»

The labour movement in Cyprus, Greek-cypriot and Turkish-cypriot, must be supported in every possible way, but also must find points of connection, with the struggle of the ERT redundant employees, and the whole of the Greek Labour movement.

Their complete opposition to any discussion or planning for the beginning of auctions of first residence, from January 1st 2014, was expressed by the General Federation of Greek Consumers , INKA – in a letter sent to the Standing committee of Production and Trade of the Parliament.

INKA asks the members of the Committee and all other members of the parliament to vote against any proposal or act of law, that will allow the auctions of the main residence to start.


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