ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug. 4)

The hidden agenda of the TROIKA is revealed in REALNEWS newspaper today.

The newspaper refers to the onslaught that will be applied on incomes, and employment rights from our lenders, but also to what will be included in the new memorandum that is being prepared. .
Among others, there is the repeal of the 13th and 14th salaries for private employees, the reduction of the minimum wage to 495 euros, release of group layoffs, new cuts up to 30% of main and supplementary pensions and at least cuts of 20% to the lump sum, and a new work mobility program for another 15.000 of public servants in 2014

State privatization fund TAIPED’s governing board approved on Thursday Azeri state firm Socar’s revised offer for 66 percent of natural gas transmission network operator DESFA.

The contract will be transferred to the State Audit Council after ELPE has also approved of the 400-million-euro bid

The ELPE (Greek OILS) as a shareholder with a 35% stake of DEPA, control an equal rate of shares of DESFA. SOCAR once the transaction is completed will obtain the 66% of the shares of DESFA, 31% from the State, and 35% from ELPE.
The Board of Directors of ELPE recommended the final approval of the transaction, at an urgent General meeting of shareholders, which will be  held for this matter, on September the 2nd of 2013.
The transfer is subject to the approval of the responsible national and European regulatory authorities.

With strikes amidst the summer season warns (Panhellenic Seaworkers’Federation)PNO.
With an extrajudicial that they sent yesterday to the Ministry of Marine and the Aegean sea, PNO is asking from the Navigation and Aegean Sea Minister to cancel the recent Ministerial Decision that allows the signing of individual employment contracts in navigation, since there are no active Collective Employment Agreements for every branch.

The workers of the Greek Defence Systems in their announcement state:

“Three foreign consultancy companies (Planet, Planning, KPMG) undertook to perform the «Covenant of death» of the Greek Defence Systems companies (EBO-PYRKAL) under the not so small fee of (over 700,000 euros)!!!

While we, the workers who are in work retention, count 7 months of unpaid work, with very little money that we’ve gotten on account of our accured salaries, being sentenced to the death of unemployment, despite the grandiose statements of the governmental members ‘ that the EAS will not close «!!!

And of course the prominent, that is the payment of our accured worked salaries is lost and crushed, for obvious reasons, in the pretended conflict between governmental circles”

The issue of «serious shortages and deficiencies» in hospitals and Health Centers of the county, is pointed out,  by the MEdical Association of EVROS in their letter to the minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis.
The problem of Samothrake is characterized as an issue of «high importance», where there is only one trainee doctor left to serve, on a total of six permanent positions

«Problematic and highly dangerous», is characterized by the Evros border guards union, the situation at the detention chambers of the Border Guard Department of the County, in which, as they denounce, long-term prisoners are kept, while their transfers to penitentiaries are delayed.
«This practice is obviously problematic and highly dangerous, as the infrastructure of these detention chambers, with detention conditions, feeding and hygiene, as by law, are designed exclusively for short detention periods,» is pointed out by The Union, in a letter sent to the General Police Director of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

A Telephone Interview gave at the ERA radio from CHondro Dentro, Mr. Tolis Papageorgiou and Mrs Niki Ashton(Canada Mp).
Mr, Papageorgiou mentioned that for the first time a new kind of police unit with enduro mountain motorcycles, appeared in today’s demonstration.

He stated a personal complaint against the State Council judge mrs Sakellaropoulou and Polygyros judge Mrs Korfidou, that with their shameful decisions, led to the escalation of the mountains destruction, since there is heavy machinery used now, that turn the forest into a «deserted skul place »

He also mentioned that the announcement issued by Eldorado Gold, to postpone the mining until 2016, and the budget cut, was simply used as an excuse for a further reduction of the working payments of the loggers who deforest the area, characterizing this action «from baseness to baseness».
About the four detained residents of the village, he described them as «hostages» and stated that there are more on the waiting list to enter the same state of hostage, without this fact to scare and stop the struggle of the residents of the area. «Our only hope left, is our struggle» he said emphatically.!

Mrs Niki Ashton, a Canada MP, declared shocked from what she faced, up on the mountain, and explained that she watches closely over this situation ever since the delegation of residents of Chalkidiki visited Canada to inform the Canadian public opinion.
She stated that she witnessed with her own eyes two empty boxes of explosives. at the area where the factory is going to be built, and every inch of the «ancient primeval forest» has been deforested.
She also reported, that despite the demonstration of her parliamentary and diplomatic identification, and despite being escorted by the MP of the Greek Parliament mrs Katerina Igglesi, both the private security of the company, as well as the police forces, did not allow her to enter the area of the future mining, claiming that a «special permission» is needed for such an entrance to be allowed.

She also stated that there is Squandering of Greek public money by the use of police forces for safe guarding of a private site, and of Canadian public money as well, since the Eldorado company, uses money from Canadian pension funds to destroy a beautiful place.

She ascertained that there is obviously a problem with Justice in the country, after having met the families of the detainees.

And she concluded, that it will do everything in her power to share her experience from CHALKIDIKI and inform the Canadian citizens, believing that none of them would allow their money to be used for such a disaster.

The bail amount for the release of Kostas Sakkas, who was provisionally detained for 31 months, has been gathered as supporters in solidarity of him have announced.

Specifically, the amount of 30.206 was gathered, after the last count of Friday, August 2nd.

In Athens, starting from today until Saturday the 10th of August, takes place the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy, with a main focus on «Philosophy as research and lifestyle».
The congress will be attended by more than 2000 philosophers from 105 countries amongst whom the renowned Jürgen Habermas

The Visual Artists Association of Northen Greece (SKETBE) complains about the closure of ERT3, asks for the reopening of the broadcaster, and appeal to all Greeks to co-sign their letter to the minister of the Public Broadcaster and the Prime Minister.

Open air cinema tonight at 21.30 at the garden of ERT:

2 short films from the last Drama film festival(2012),the biggest short filmfestival in Greece

«Largo» written and directed by Stergios Pashos

«Έναςχορόςακόμη» written by Manos Athanasiadis and directed by Simos Korexenidis.

And at 10.30

“My sweet Canary” directed by Roy Sher. A journey through the life and music of Rosa Eskenazi.


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