ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug 3)

The coordinating council of journalists of ERT, with an announcement, respond to the extension of time concerning the job interest notes that was given by the Government.

The Government intensifying its efforts to divide the employees of ERT. Having given a 24-hour time extension, for the submission of applications for the first 589 work positions for the transitional organization, that was announced (makes everyone wonder what really the necessity of such a time extension is?) also published a new notice, for another 1,453 job positions, with a time span up to the 9th of August, starting a new round of blackmail of the employees of ERT.

We will not stand, to the extinction of all the regional radio and television stations of ERT that comes as a result from the final plans of mr. Gikas Manalis and the Ministry of Finance for the completion of the recruitment process of seasonal staff with a two-month contract.

For now we pinpoint the last sentence of the new notice,  that demonstrates and proves, the Government’s true intentions: «the staff recruitment will be made gradually, depending on the needs that emerge, and only when the free use of the facilities of Ag. Paraskevi and Thessaloniki is restored «.

Apparently, this is the reason of the symbolic number of 1,453 work positions was chosen, with which the Government believes will open the backdoor of ERT.

The transitional organization is a legally nonexistent formulation. The only real public broadcaster remains ERT, the employees of which, continue to produce full Radio, television, Internet and cultural program in Athens, Thessaloniki and 19 regional stations

At their positions remain the strong fire fighting forces in the area Cheroboyni, between Markopoulo and Porto Rafti, as the fire that broke out yesterday may be in recession, but there is still a risk of resurgence.

Two Greeks of 57 and 35 years old and a 50years old foreigner were arrested as responsible for the arson, and will be driven to the public prosecutor of Athens, within the day to be charged.
At the same time, concerning the forest fire that burst out on Thursday in St. Ellesa of Kythera, a 49 years old Greek has been arrested, and will be driven to the prosecutor of Piraeus .

Yesterday’s Update:

The area of Markopoulou was  facing the fiery nightmare yesterday. The flames reinforced by the strong winds, had in occasions reached the yards of houses, while many small outbreaks were burning among residential areas, in a few tenths of meters distance from houses.

The atmosphere was stuffy at the area. The summer camps of Dionyssos and Kearatea have been preventively evacuated  – and as stated  at ERT  by the spokesman of the fire department mr Nikos Tsogkas – the efforts were  focussed on trying to stop the fire from progressing towards the forest of Kouvaras.

Mr. Konstantine Magganas, responsible of the Civil Protection of the municipality of Markopoulo, speaking on ERT, called for the assistance of individuals who have water tank vehicles, and noted that a small house has burnt down.

The fire broke out earlier yesterday at a hard to access spot, in the area of Cherovouni, between Markopoulo and Porto Rafti.

The residents impeach that before the fire started, they heard explosions and saw outbreaks of fire erupt simultaneously in different spots.

100 firemen with 40 vehicles and many volunteers, 10 aircrafts and 4 helicopters were operating at the area, while all emergency services of Attica have been alerted and called on standby.

With the message «COPRORATIONS STAY OUT OF SKOURIES, FREE MOUNTAINS AND NOT PRISONS – INVESTMENTS DO NOT SUCCEED WITH PREVENTIVE IMPRISONMENTS » the committees of struggle against the gold mining of Halkidiki and Salonica, held a protest march at Kakavos. At 10am this morning there were 2 gatherings at Ierissos and Chorostasi.

«We climb up our mountain because human dignity is not evaluated by the price of gold. We climb up our mountain, because its value is not measured in ounces. I

A protest march by archaeologists against layoffs and employee mobility took place yesterday outside the Acropolis, as part of the mobilizations announced by the Civil Servants’ Confederation. The archaeologists’ protest on the Acropolis rock was seen around the world. They were holding a paper temple with the sign «For Sale.» The Ministry of Culture is considering cuts, and the relevant proposal stipulates the abolition of the Ephorate of Acropolis Antiquities, the Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of Thessaloniki, and the layoff of 500 employees «irrationally and without any plan.»

Amnesty International would like to express deep concern about the death of Mohamad Hasan, an Afghan refugee who was held in an immigrant detention centre since September 2012. According to the Afghan refugee and immigrant community in Athens, Mohamad Hasan had been complaining to the police for months about a chest pain. Despite his repeated requests, which were backed by other detainees, the staff of the detention centre took him to the hospital only when it was already too late. On July 7, 2013, Mohamad Hasan was transported at last to the Corinth Hospital, where he was found to suffer from a severe lung infection. A few days later, his friends moved him to a hospital in Athens, where he passed away, on July 27, 2013.

The aforementioned omission on the part of the detention center staff to appraise his pleas for medical care, raise major questions about the conditions that led to his death.

Today at ERT’S courtyard the programme starts at 21.30:

 -Nikos Touliatos on percussion

-Yiannis Sidiras on the guitar

-Petros Theotokatos Greek classic rock


-Dimitris Arnaoutis with his band

-Dimitris Arnaoutislyrics-music, guitar, vocals

-Mihalis Stelas bass

-Kostas Christodoulou drums

 Every day, great artists support our struggle to keep ERT ALIVE, a real broadcaster of the fighting society!


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