ERT Radio News Bulletin (Aug 2)

Employees of the Public Sector following their union’s call, held a 24 hour strike in Attica, and a demonstration march, to the Ministry of Economics.Only emergencies are attended today by the public Hospitals in Attica, as their employees participate in the 24 hour strike of ADEDY. The Employees also gathered to protest outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform, at 10.30 this morning.

An extra-judicial statement against the minister of Finance Mr. Stournaras, on the basis of the unprecedented chaos that prevails concerning the income tax statements, was submitted by the Tax Consultants Association of Chania, countersigned by the Accountants’ Association of Athens, The Association of Tax Professionals of Athens & Piraeus, and the Association of Accountants of Paros island. They state: Every sense of security and legality for citizens – taxpayers, as well as for us all, tax advisors and accountants is catalysed. The decisions of the Ministry do not respect fundamental and constitutionally entrenched principles. The actions of the administrative officers of state, should not be contrary to the rules of the Constitution, to the European law, and legislative acts, and the actions of the administration, must comply with, or be in harmony with these state or international laws.

The «United against racism and the fascist THREAT» movement, state in their announcement, that the neo-Nazis threaten once again the council member of ANTARSYA party of the municipality of Athens, who is also a coordinator of the Movement, Mr Petros Constantinou. They wrote to him: «Peter, you will die» but also made telephone death threats. Amongst others, the statement reads:
Lately, racist policies go hand in hand with the massive layoffs in schools, municipalities, hospitals and ERT. Fascists support the austerity measures and empower with their racist cries, the «parrots» of the government, who try to distract the people, targeting the left parties, and immigrants. The killings of immigrants in concentration camps, due to the denial of medical care, the cleansing operations of Greek police (ELAS) against the Roma people, the doctrine of «law and order» with the police free to open fire, imposing the death penalty at their discretion, give courage to the fascists to attack furiously against the Left parties. Several members of the government party of New Democracy suggest open cooperation with the Golden Dawn.

Europe willmeet itscommitments todebt reliefif Greececomplies with theterms of therescue package, said the IMF chiefChristineLagarde, stressing out that the form offurther measuresand assistancewill be discussedat a laterstage.

The former Minister of Defence of Cyprus Costas Papacostas was convicted by the criminal court of Larnaca to five years in prison for the deadly blast in Mari. Two years prison sentences have been imposed to the former Commander of the fire brigade Andreas Nicolaou, the former Lieutenant of the fire service Charalambos Charalambous and to the former Chief of EMAK Andrea Loizides. Mr. Papakostas was found guilty of manslaughter and causing death by thoughtless, reckless or dangerous action.  The remaining three were found guilty of causing death due to thoughtless, reckless or dangerous action.

A forest fire, at the area of Santa Eleousa at Kythera island, burst yesterday, in a hard to access area. Ten firefighters with four vehicles, twelve soldiers and three fire aircrafts are operating at the fire spot. Tourists and bathers that were at the beach of Melidoni, at the time the fire broke out were moved by boat to Kapsali area, as it was not possible to move them to safety through the road network. Everyone is safe and in good health. The fire is now under control.

Another forest fire burst today in Markopoulo Attikis. Firefighters and fire aircrafts are operating at the spot.  Meanwhile the General Committee of Civil Protection has issued a warning that today there is a high risk of fire burst, at central and eastern parts of Crete, in Attica, South Evia, Cyclades islands and the islands of northeastern Aegean Sea.

Rescuers are searching for a 22 year-old tourist in the area of Samothrace. The young man disappeared on July 23, however, the authorities were informed last night.

The last edition of the daily newspaper «Vradini» was published today. The owner, Mr. Mitsis intends to keep publishing only the Sunday edition of the newspaper. About 25 employees have already been dismissed, with a four months’ notice.


The president of the International Federation of Journalists, Mr. Jim Boumelha, in an interview at ERA radio yesterday, pointed out that ERT is the only legal, Public Broadcaster service in Greece, and that it has the support of thousands of Reporters and Journalists and hundreds of their Associations, throughout the world. He also reffered to the incident of the arrest of the peaceful demonstrators and our colleague Eva Mavrogeni, at the time she was covering the protest at Hymettus, characterising the event as an “extremely undemocratic action”.

The participants of the urgent meeting of Pospert, unanimously denounce the fascist inspιration manipulation of the coalition government of Samaras & Venizelos by which ERT was shut down. In their resolution they appeal to every Greek citizen, to resist against servility promoted by the rulers, who have led the Greek people in poverty and gradual abolition of their rights. They state: ERT is our mainstay and stronghold and we’ll keep it open, as we already have done until today, against the private channels run by big contractors and suppliers. Our struggle for the reopening of ERT with all its employees is a condition for any regulation of the Public Broadcaster, and we will win. And the resolution concludes: We do not accept any government tele-piracy and we will confront it with all means, based on the Greek constitution and the will of the overwhelming majority of the people and all workers.

The General Assembly of ERT journalists, repeated the position of all colleagues, that all the governmental games evolving against them since June 11, have to be repelled. Simos Kedikoglou, Gkikas Manalis, and Pantelis Kapsis, by using law submissions, leaks, rumors, pressures, blackmails, are all trying to break the employees. They want to usurp our signatures, and legalize the illegal and void construction of the so called transitional organization DT. They don’t want dialogue, nor employees in the public broadcaster. They want accomplices and aid to the crime committed. The proposal which, with great sense of responsibility, has been submitted by us, and is still on the table, is for the government, to take back any planning than concerns the «transitional organization» and to continue with the creation of the new Public Broadcaster (NERIT), with the former employees of ERT. The Journalists of ERT repeat their wish for a Public Broadcaster, which will be open to all people and ideas, being aside all the working sectors, that are brutally hit by the government policies. The General Assembly of Journalists expresses its solidarity to their colleagues of SKAI station that were massively dismissed from their jobs.

Once again tonight, in the garden of ERT, great artists continue to express their support. At 21:30: String Trio from Vienna. The three talented and highly acclaimed musicians come to support ERT’s Musical Ensembles. The trio consists of the following: the Greek Lukia Lulaki-Cello, the Polish Magdalena Wieckowska-Violin and the Spanish Damian Posse- Bass. Song list: Michael Haydn, Divertimento in C major- Vittorio Monti, Czardas adaptation by G. Emfietzi. At 22.30: Musing Therapy
Giorgos Mitropoulos- Voice, acoustic guitar, Dimitris Diamantis- Electric guitar, Kostas Daras- Keyboard, Nikos Egglezos- Bass, Stella Kouloukousa- Drums.

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