ERT Radio News Bulletin (Aug 1)

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Strikes, Gatherings and Marches in Greece today:

Employees in public hospitals held a four-hour work stoppage, from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., declaring their resolve to avert hospital shut-downs and layoffs.

There was a rally at 11.30 a.m. outside the Ministry of Health. A concert will take place at 7:30 p.m. outside the Propylaea of the University of Athens.

The National Federation of staff of Social policy organizations, at a special Board meeting, and in cooperation with all the associations, decided to launch a forty eight (48) hour nation-wide strike today and tomorrow. A protest gathering held today at the Ministry of Labor, at 10.30 am, and tomorrow a protest at the Ministry of Administrative Reform at the same hour will take place.

Employees of the Public Sectorheld a work stoppage at the periphery of Attica from 11: 00 a.m. till the end of working hours, a protest gathering at Klafthmonos square at noon, and a March to the Ministry of Finance. Their Union, ADEDY, also announced a 24-hour Strike on Friday, all over Attica, and a gathering at 10.30 a.m. at the Ministry of Administrative Reform at Vasilisis Sofias street.

Total participation of employees in a 48-hour strike announced by the Hotel Employees’ Association of Rhodes, in a Hotel unit at Faliraki area.

The main request of the protest, is the payment of accrued salaries to employees.
The hotel management under the pressure of the strike gave the salaries that were due to pay since May. The struggle of the workers at the hotel will continue, until all accrued salaries are paid, points out the Association of hotel employees of Rhodes in its announcement.

Meanwhile, worst working conditions prevail in hotels of Evia, as reported by the Association of Hotel and Food sector Employees, of the county. Allegations and reports, regarding unpaid labor, rental of workers, and other serious violations of labor legislation, were included by the Greek Communist party parliament members, Christos Katsotis, Giannis Gkiokas, and Thanasis Pafilis, in their question submitted at the Parliament, regarding the issue.

First in Eurozone unemployment. According to Eurostat the rate of unemployment in Greece reaches the 26.9 %, followed by Spain’s rate which is 26.3%.

Four people dead and one injured, is the tragic result of the clashes that took place last night at a Roma camp in Gastouni of Ilia. Three Romas are arrested. Two of the arrested Romas have been driven to the hospital. At the point of the incident and at the Medical center of Gastouni, are police forces to prevent possible new clashes.

Dead in an irrigation canal at the area of Strefi – Ilia, were found today the two children, aged 4 and 7 years old, that were missing since yesterday afternoon. Answers about the causes of their deaths are expected to be given after the forensic examination is finished. The Police and Fire brigade are continuing the investigations in order to determine under what circumstances the children were found in the irrigation channel.

The corpses of two men aged about 45 and 65 years were found early in the morning at the port of Piraeus. Investigations on their death are conducted by the police.

Premiere today, for the VAT reduction measure in the field of food and beverages, with the non-alcoholic beverages when served at the table charged under 13% VAT but when delivered at home or taken out, to be charged with 23% VAT! Speaking at the Vima FM, the Secretary of public revenue, mr. Harris Theoharis said that the VAT on food will be 13% regardless of where it is consumed, but soft drinks will have a different rate of VAT depending on the place of consumption.

The decision of the Ministry of Administrative Reform regarding the criteria about the eight thousand two hundred ninety (8.290) public employees that will be put under work availability, is being finalized. According to information, the point system of the way of recruitment, and the strengthening of the rating the qualifications that count against seniority, are two of the key changes introduced by the responsible Minister. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education, published the list of the 2.122 teachers of the technical – vocational education fields, that are put under work availability, among which the president of the Trade Union of Teachers OLME mr. Themis Kotsifakis, who speaks about a ruthless Governmental and Troika policy.

Α «Recipe» for job layoffs, wild «tax hunt» and ‘ hike ‘ in property, is recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The delays of the reforms threaten the program, the IMF stressed in its report for Greece. Great depression is foreseen for 2013 that will reach a rate of about 4.2%. More austerity measures by the Government are needed, but also a new «haircut» of the debt by the European Union (EU) will be necessary. This is the message sent by the International Monetary Fund. In their report though, the auditors do not mention their own «mistakes». On the contrary, they emphasize that Greece pays a heavy price, and the fiscal adjustment becomes constantly more painful, because the government delays to implement the measures dictated at the Memorandum.


The Hellenic Council for Radio and Television declines jurisdiction so as to judge the operation of the Public Television. Through a statement yesterday, the independent authority emphasizes that the Committee of Suspension of the Council of State is the one to judge.

An οpen letter to the directors of television and radio stations and newspapers was sent yesterday by the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers, (ESΙEA). It states, that the human right of everyone to speak freely to the public, along with the journalistic ethics, demand to equally transmit, not only the statements of government officials but also the opinions of employees of ERT regarding the matters of the Public Broadcaster.

Under the most adverse conditions of «unprecedented persecution» the 29th Urgent Convention of the PanHellenic Union of the Employees of ERT (POSPERT) takes place today. The convention is done in order to «clarify and decide the action of the trade union movement, the roles and our actions concerning the future of public television and its employees.» The aim is, according to POSPERT, through a fruitful dialogue «to determine our actions, to find new actions, multileveled actions, that will be effective, actions that can make the dreams and hopes of ours, that some want to trample upon, come true.»

Once again tonight, in the garden of ERT, artists continue to express their support.

At 10pm a unique performance full of spark, warmth and freshness by the five young musician girls of the traditional orchestra «Smyrna» : 
Myrto Drakou (violin and vocals)
Eleftheria Kourlia (guitar and vocals)
Georgia Loli (Kanun and vocals) 
Peni Papakonstantinou (lute and vocals), and
Michaela Tsoumbou (clarinet and vocals)

A Classic rock band, the «All Around», will follow.
Babis Kavalieros, song
Thodoris, Souris, keyboard
Stelios Zanidakes, drums
Vasilis Karachoutis, bass, and 
Takis Karachoutis, guitar


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