ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 31)

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Free without bail, was released, after meeting with the investigating judge today at noon, the last one from the 9 citizens that were arrested at the radio transmitters of ERT at Hymmetus –

All the citizens that were arrested, have been appointed for a regular hearing with the judge – on the indictment of disobedience, distinguished damages, resisting to police, and disrupting the safety of aviation misdemeanors, and the last one is indicted of the felony of trying to intercept conversations of police officers.


In a recent announcement, POSPERT claims that the accusations of damaging public property, made against the ERT employees arrested at Imittos, is unsubstantiated, since it is not supported by relevant investigations.
POSPERT notes that «the arbitrary and barbaric actions of the government and the police force do not frighten us, and will not deter us. On the contrary, they only strengthen our resolve to fight for our constitutional right to work, for the public radio and television, for the institutions, and for the call for democracy.»

ARTISTS’-ACADEMICS’-EMPLOYEES’ FOR FREE UPDATING AND FREE CULTURE state in their announcement concerning arrests in Ymittos their unreserved support.They refer to government’s weakness to enforce its anti-democratic plans,which attempts to conceal with a lawsuit by unidentified ,charges of which was preferred by ERT’s property administrator Gkikas Manalis leading -while chained -in flagrante journalists and civilians who gathered in Ymittos so as to stand against »black» in public radio and television.In the announcement is also pointd out ERT’S employees stand out with their dignity and that democratic people acknowledges their contribution and the values they defend.On the other hand , the announcement ends by stating that they do not acknowledge no Public Television DT,no NERIT and that’s why government’s attempts to bulid a mechanism of misinformation and »subculture» are in vain.

The Hellenic Council for Radio and Television declines jurisdiction so as to judge the operation of the Public Television.
Trough a statement yesterday, the independent authority emphasizes that the Committee of Suspension of the Council of State is the one to judge.

From the 1st of January of 2014, the ministry of Development plans to unlock gradually theprimary residence austions by lowering the limit of the rateable value of 200.000 euros. Below this limit, the banks today are prohibited of auctions off estates.

Employees in public hospitals announced a four-hour stoppage for tomorrow, from 11 a.m till 3 p.m., declaring their resolve to avert hospital shut-downs and layoffs.
There will be a rally at 11.30 a.m. outside the Ministry of Health, and a concert at 7:30 p.m. outside the Propylaea of the University of Athens.

By noon all ministries should have sent detailed lists with the positions of employees that are abolished and the number of workers to be put on work availability.

Today about 4,260 employees who will be included in first wave of work mobility will be announced, as the deadline given by the Ministry of Administrative Reform for the drafting of the relevant lists ends today.

This first «wave» is expected to include school security guards, and more teaching staff.

Until Friday, it is expected to have the ministerial decision concerning the establishment of criteria and «point system» terms, published, for those employees that will be included at the work mobility and availability program.

An explosion that took place before sunrise at a restaurant in Kolonaki, at the corner of Ploutarchou and Patriarchou Ioakim, caused damages to buildings and cars.
According to sources, someone riding a motorcycle left a makeshift explosive device on the spot, and one person was injured.

The counter-terrorist agency is conducting right now a large operation in various regions of Athens, Thessaloniki and Korinthos after tracking in Chios an inflatable boat that carried weaponry and explosives.
According to police information, 12 people have been brought to the police. Their involution in the case is being examined.
The four passengers of the boat, two Greeks and two Turks, have already been arrested.

To the immediate constitution of a joint venture company under the name «Company of Development of Ecclesiastic assets SA» have mutually decided, the Archbishop of Athens and the Greek State.

As pointed out in a statement released from the Prime Minister’s office, and the Archbishop of Athens, «The Church and the State cooperate, so to serve the «common interest», aiming the relief of the cruelly tried citizens.

The revenue that will be acquired from that company, as mentioned in the statement, will be controlled by the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, for the further support and the expansion of their social and charity work.

A new social action was undertaken by the Indignant Motorcyclists of Greece, who call on their members to make their presence felt. Tomorrow, Thursday, at 11 a.m. they will gather at their headquarters, in Piraeus, and deliver various goods to three organisations: «Children’s Home», the Prisoner Support Society «Onisimos», and the Secretariat for Abused Women.


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