ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 30)


Seven of the arrested last night during the gathering at Hymmettus are free after the prosecutor appointed an explicit hearing for them, on January 10th of 2014, on the indictment of disobedience, distinguished damages, resisting to police, and disrupting the safety of aviation misdemeanors.

One of the arrested was set free after the order and appointment, for further questioning.

However, the last of the arrested, has been indicted for a felony, specifically for the accusation of trying to intercept telephone communications of the police., and he will be held at the police headquarters, until tomorrow morning that he will be presented to the prosecutor.

Update 01.30am: Still detained the 9 people arrested at Hymettus earlier tonight.
It seems that their arrest was planned, as information refer to to the special «contribution» of mr Gikas Manalis’ lawsuit complaint against «unknown»

– Update 01.39am : 9 people arrested.(amongst them our ERT collegue, journalist Eva Mavrogeni.

They are called to account for themselves in 1 hour, with unknown indictment.

Shortly after 3.30am the big gathering of people supporting the arrested outside the ATHENS police headquarters ended, when the 5 indictment pleas faced by the 9 arrested were announced. In Detail the indictment is as follows: 4 misdemeanors and one felony: prominent damage of public property (a felony), disruption of communications security, disobedience against the police authorities. resistance and threats.

In regard, to the policeman who was recognized by those arrested within the police headquarters, as the person responsible for the damage to the facilities and equipment at Hymettus (with name and service number), the Police Commander failed to even note that he even belongs to the police force

– Update 03: 50am: Tomorrow at 11.00am at building 16 in Eyelpidwn Court premises, the 8 people arrested last night at Hymettus will face the judge.

One of the woman was transfered to the hospital to receive first aid, under police custody, as she had her hand injured during her arrest last night.

The permanent deletion of Simos Kedikoglou from the member records of the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers, (ESHEA) has been decided yesterday, by the Disciplinary Council of the union, on account of his involvement in the Government decision for the closure the public broadcaster ERT.

With a four-hour stop working from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. today, the employees of public hospitals are protesting against the closure of hospitals and the job dismissals applied upon them.Today  in ERT’S courtsyard at 19.30 a discussion concerning the governments attack regarding the health sector(with the participation o hospital representatives).

Α working stoppage today by workers in the Greek vehicle industry (ELBO) from 12 noon.
A protest will take place and a gathering at the courthouse of Thessaloniki, which will end with a march to the Ministry of Macedonia -Thrace

The party of ANTARSYA, denounces the fascist activities of the gang of Samaras – Venizelos, to drag on a trial all the members of the General Council of Employees at the Municipalities, for their strikes back in 2011!

A government which in order for the bankers and the stockholders to overcome their monetary crisis and to save the Euro, impoverishes daily the working classes, and aims to disburse the public health, education, social welfare from municipalities. A government that uses «preventive strikes» hoping to prevent the social resistance tsunami that comes…

After the «black screen of ERT» and the preverntive requisition of the teachers, we now have the unprecedented and undemocratic manipulation of dragging to justice the General Council members of a Federation of Employees.

Every day many great artists support our struggle in order to keep ERT alive, as a real transmitter of a society who fights!

On Tuesday the 30th of July at 21.30, we will host Giorgos Chraniotis and his band “Imitate your mother” with Takis Tanis-bass, Leventagas-drums, Panos Veloudinos- guitar and Chran-vocals.
Afterwards, there goes Magic de Spell in support of the employees of ERT and culture as well, consisted of Thodoris Vlachakis-drums, Giorgos Laggouretos-vocals, Dimitris “Pixel” Dimitriadis-vocals, Nikos “Ketchup” Georgoulis-guitar and Panos “Rat” Christoforou-bass.


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