ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 29)

Fiery fronts in Rhodes and Crete seem to be in a better condition today. The big fire in Rhodes is in remission .Reportedly firefighters endeavours are focused in one front, while attempting to deal with rekindlings that happen due to the change to the time wind. Early estimations 40 to 45 acres have turned into ashes and according to reports of local people the fire was caused by human negligence. Municipal communities of Lindos and Southern Rhodes have been in an emergency state. Firefighting Forces in Crete are in constant vigilance for rekindlings that take place in the area of Messara

Minister of Finance Yannis Stournaras stated in an interview that Governmentowned operation» DEKO are the next in »line» of reconstruction». He also heralded privitizations ,shrinkages and mergers while warning that » it won’t be easy to negotiate with troika in September»

In today’s meeting, the IMF is expected to decide on the disbursal of the 1.8 billion euro instalment to Greece, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

According to sources, the IMF will propose a further reduction to labour costs in Greece, estimating that the country is falling far behind in reformations and there is still a long way to go before the privatization goals are reached, something which will probably mean further cuts in expenditure.
At the same time, however, the IMF feels there should be cuts in taxes and insurance contributions.

The extortive way in which the loan installments are used, revealed during an interview of the German Minister of Finance at the German Radio broadcaster.

«We have a program of assistance for Greece, which runs until 2014 and the installments are disbursed every three months, after getting verified and approved by the Troika.

Greece, must fulfil further conditions and memorandum terms from month to month. As long as the terms and conditions are not implemented, we cannot release the sub-doses, said Mr Wolfgang Schaeuble. «In Greece there is a reduce of labour costs by 13% – but still they still in any way, the have not passed the mountain».

The Greek Prime Minister is meeting with his Italian counterpart, Enrico Letta, in his office. The agenda includes the T.A.P. natural gas pipeline which will extend from Azerbaijan to Italy through Greece, the Greek and Italian presidencies of the European Union in 2014 and ways to deal with the financial crisis.

The two applications of injunction that have been deposited by citizens of Aristoteli’s Municipality so as to suspend operations from Hellas-Gold in Rema Karatza(the area of Skouries) are up for this moment in First Instance Court of Polygyros

The proposed change of use of Amalia Fleming Hospital, into a rehabilitation Center, will create enormous problems in emergency health needs and to the secure coverage of the population coupled with the recent closure of the 1st IKA Hospital (Papadimitriou), mention the Union of employees.

In their announcement, they suggest the continuation of the operation as a General Hospital in full operation and call, and the addition of a rehabilitation Unit – with the exemption of the hospital personnel from the process of work mobility – or availability.

As stated by Mrs Sissy Vovou, Member of Solidarity Initiative to HIV positive persecuted women » a detainee, Beniski Anastasia 37 years of age, died two days ago from a heart attack, at Korydallos prison, where she was held in isolation, accused for drug cases.

«Anastasia was diagnosed with a heart problem 15 days ago, when moved to the hospital after a crisis. But soon she was back in solitary confinement.

«On April 15, in the same prison, another woman, Maria Theodorakis, had committed a suicide attempt, by hanging herself in her cell ( 

Anastasia, a few hours earlier had also made a suicide attempt, but she was found on time by the prison staff.

Yesterday died of «natural causes», as we imagine it will be written on the death certificate, however, it will nowhere be mentioned how many women die or commit suicide in the prisons of the austerity crisis.

What we do know, is that apart from Maria Theodorakis mentioned above, also died from «natural causes» (heart attack) Ahtanasia Tzioyra about two months ago, at the age of 53 years, in the same prison wing.

In prisons, these days the temperature rises even above 38 degrees Celcium, and there is no air conditioning.

Serious complaints about the condition of detention of immigrants in the Port of Samos, but also for the working conditions of port employees, are stated by the Panhellenic Federation of unions Coast Guard Personnel, representatives, who last Wednesday visited the port’s premises and recorded on video everything they saw.

They refer to nonexistent places of detention, lack of central planning, the absence of any provision for addressing simple everyday problems and the lack of preventive measures of personnel safety from infectious diseases.

Α police operation took place this morning at the Esphigmenou monastery at konaki Karyes on Mount Athos, as monks of the «Νew Brotherhood», that have won an injunction appeal, are seeking to enter the Monastery, which the monks of the old Brotherhood, ‘ have taken over ‘. 

The New Brotherhood of Esphigmenou Monastery won the injunction appeal, in accordance with which, the Konaki must be evacuated by the old Brotherhood, so the work of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Abbey, funded by ESPA with almost half a million euros, can begin.

 Giorgos Maggas, one of the greatest clarinet players, will be with us at the ERT Radio Mansion this evening, together with Tzouli Tzinieri.


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