ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 28)

News in English 28-7-13


Big fire in progress in Istria (South Rhodes), ground and air forces have rushed from the Mainland to help extinguish the fire. The fire burns forest area, while the municipal units of South Rhodes and Lindos have been declared in a state of emergency.

Under partial control is the big fire in the area of Phaistos, near Pombia in Crete, which burned grassland.


Another big fire is underway in the area of Agia Marina at the island of Serifos. According to residents’ testimonies, houses have burnt in the village Mega Horio, two houses in the village of Megalo Livadi, and 4.000 acres of land.


The Troika through the Revised Memorandum, urges the Government to  enable  confiscation of bank accounts so that  tax debts of citizens are paid off..

Question remains whether if they can apply the limit on salaries and pensions up to 1,000 euros.

Fotis Kouvelis, the President of the Democratic Left considers that the possibility of early elections in autumn is still open. On his interview in «Journal of Authors» he  states that there was a  plan for early elections that was postponed due to the pressure of the Europeans and the Troika.


«The Board of ΕΣΗΕΑ denounces the anti-labour and unethical behaviour of the newspaper» ΚΕΡΔΟΣ «, which dismissed colleagues Anthony Xidous and Konstantina Papadopoulou, because they refused to sign the individual contracts the management tried to impose on them». There will be a four-hour strike on the certain newspaper tomorrow and a general assembly.

The management of «Kerdos newspaper» still owes  salaries of more than three months to the colleagues, as well as the allowances that were illegally cut off, continuing the illegal actions.

A protest of parents took place in Heraklion – Crete, for the closure of 118 first grade and kindergarten schools across re country. In their announcements the parents say that «accomplices to this crime are the Regional and Primary Education directorates, who suggested the closure of the schools and their suggestion was welcomed by the Ministry of Education. 

Similarly responsible, are the mayors who- in the context of the dialogue with the government for two years now –  had a  positive reaction to the merges and closings of school units, as well as the municipality councils,  who adopted the so called «educational benefits» of such a possibility of school closures.

With a public announcement , the National Confederation of disabled people states: «once again the inadequacy of IKA Administration led to vilification and shaming of disabilities in Greece and discredited the country abroad. 

The fanfare for «the supposedly blind ones» in Kalymnos, the silencing of percentages in Rhodes and the timid correction of the first announcement of IKA, threw light to the antisocial, and incompetent reflexes of the responsible authorities.

The Confederation endorses the angry reaction of the National Federation of the blind: noting: «human flesh of handicapped people is offered by the Government to Troika – the new Government’s attempt to slander the blind people of our country, is causing a real eyesore».


The Regional Northern Aegean Federation of People with disabilities, sends a message of support and solidarity to the threatened with dismissal employees of the municipality of Chios and to all employees of Municipalities of the country, to the schoolsecurity guards and to municipal police employees, and to teachers of technical education.

«We are already more than a month now without ERT. and ERA broadcasts., and its is very well known that, especially in our islands it is of high importance, in respect of public information, as well as to the support of the Disability movement issues. 

These job dismissals will follow the thousands of other layoffs that have been already applied to employees of the private and public sectors, and of course, they will be followed by thousands of others, which are going to take place until the end of the year 2013. 

The propaganda from the Troika and several others, is that allegedly the «wrong recipe» applied in Greece, aims to mislead, so for a new supposedly «correct package of austerity measures to be applied» which will be nothing but catastrophic for the people, claiming that such measures are applied in all EU countries, with or without memoranda. «


Ert news

The continuation of their struggle decided the members of POSPERT and the employees of ERT. 

Criticizing the attitude of the Government up to now, and that of the responsible Deputy Minister Pantelis Kapsis, noting that the Government has decided to divest everything to private sector.

Pospert mentions a transitional public broadcaster, which will be a «veil» and emphasizes that «the Government’s policy, bears a vengeful orientation, confirming the closure of ERT, and leaving no further room for any claims to the employees».


 »ERT Open to Society” assembly  that took place  in ERT’s courtyard states in a  resolution:

ERT DEFENDS CONSTITUTION ACCORDING TO ARTICLE 12O.Government’s coup with black enforcement in ERT ,the ongoing non compliance with Council of State’s (which is the supreme court) decision for its immediate reopening point out that government has no respect for any legality.


With the measures that it enforces in cooperation with foreign instructors and local supporters(Mass Media, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises SEV) has become dangerous for both society and country. ERT’s case is just the last straw. We cannot stand anymore the violation even of this constitution.As it commands in its last article 120,we are obliged to defend it, because by doing so we defend our life and our dignity.We declare ERT as the centre of the fight for Democracy’s restoration through a wide and substantial movement of action and dialogue. ERT’S proper function will be the first step in turning society’s and country’s tide. For this reason we openly invite every person who’s socially reliable ,honest and involved in broadcating culture. These people will constitute ERT’S TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATION that will cater for: a)the formation of a new functional ERT’s, b)a real consolidation of ERT according to its former shape, c)the organisation of a social dialogue with open commitees’ and assemblies’ help reviving the spirit of Athen’s Democracy ,the first self-instuted democracy in the world. Temporary Administration’s service will cease after the function of the new ERT. The contribution of its members will be free. ERT’s employess will open a bank account .where civilians’ subscriptions will be deposited for the payment and operating expenses of ERT.


Today at 21.30 :



members of the VASSILIS TSITSANIS orchestra.


Spyros Karabelas guitar – Dimitris Stavroulakis percussion

With rock ballads


The blackmail shall not pass!

Every day, great artists support our struggle

We keep ERT alive – we fight for our rights!


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