ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 27)



Privatization of The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA).

The company’s statute changed with yesterday’s extraordinary general meeting in order that the last formal barrier, which provides that the Public must retain a majority stake, can be lifted. This paves the way to privatization of EYDAP

Specifically, the extraordinary general meeting proceeded essentially in the abolishment of the Article 5. The article 5 provided that the Public retains a 51% stake in the company. We must remind you that the shares of EYDAP have already switched to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund TAIPED and the only formal obstacle till yesterday was the statute.

Meanwhile, a way opens for the clearing of State’s debts to the company after an amendment, which was tabled with a bill from the Ministry of Tourism.
The government proceeds in offsetting debts between DEYAP and State in order to speed up procedures.


The crews of contractors working on behalf of the Greek Water company EYDAP – removed these days over 200 water counters, ordered by the management of the company, in the areas of Kipseli and Galatsi, leaving hundreds of people without water, because they could not pay their water bill.


The initiative of Agrinio against the hikes, started reconnecting the electric power at houses of citizens that cannot pay their electricity bills.
The last few days the Public electricity company – DEH, cuts off the power massively, from households of unemployed and pensioners that owe 300 and 400 euros.


After the closure of «Papademitriou hospital», next target of the government is «Amalia Fleming hospital», which is intended to become a rehabilitation hospital! 

Municipalities of the Northen Suburbs of Athens are alarmed, along with the employees of the hospital and the Medical Association of Athens.


The Closure of 80 regional branches of Greek post Office, ELTA in a restructuring of the Hellenic post services, announced ον Thursday, the Manager of ELTA mr Kostis Melahrinos. There will be no job layoffs committed the CEO.

Strike  in hotels of Evia today, after the dismissal of a woman – a syndicate member-  who fainted after 26 continual hours of work. An orgy of arbitrariness prevails in tourist enterprises in the Prefecture of Evia, denounces the Association of hotel and food employees of Evia, in their announcement. 

The Association complains that: «at the hotel of the Secretary General of the Union of hoteliers of Evia, not only do not apply the sectoral of hotel employees, but instead, an operational contract has been agreed, with terms those of an unskilled laborer (of 586 Euros gross per month).


Private nationwide TV channels, those that are transmitted digitally via Digea, have established a company called «TV Rights SA» through which they seek «flat pay» from hotels to allow the transmission of their program! The company threatens hoteliers with legal actions on -so called- «broadcasting rights».
So, many hotels in Greece remove those channels from their televisions and maintain only local and foreign satellite broadcastings.


After the meeting the Board of the Greek Federation of Secondary Education State Scool Teachers had yesterday  with the of  Minister of finance Yannis Stournaras on the issue of mobility, Greek teachers are planning to go on  five-day repeated strikes starting on September. The president of the federation stated that the minister did not secure that there would be no lay-offs  for teachers going to  availability in technical education due to  abolition of specialties.


The bodies of six foreigners, including two children, were found in the area of Kos island. 
It is believed they are Syrian immigrants, who were in a boat that sank yesterday between the islands of Kos and Pserimos.
Moreover, 46 foreign people were found by the coast guard this morning in the sea area south of Lesvos. The foreigners were in an inflatable motorized dinghy, without any legal documents.


In an public announcement of the sectoral committee of Corfu of the Communist party of Greece, K.K.E., denounces the attack of members of the Golden Dawn to an immigrant. 
The announcement mentions among others: «The evening of July 24th, according to citizens’ complaints, a group of henchmen of Golden Dawn, attacked and beat fiercely an immigrant retailer and then, threw him in a garbage bin.
The bully behavior of those paramilitaries, caused the intense reaction of bystanders at the place that moment, who rushed to help the abused immigrant.
The Criminal nature of this Nazi paramilitary gang, that needs to be isolated from society, is once more proven, and by yesterday’s attack.


The Issue of further reduction of salaries in Greece is raised again by the IMF four days before the crucial decision of the Board of Directors for the disbursement of the tranche of 1.8 billion. euros. 

In its report about the state of eurozone economy, which was released yesterday, the Fund stresses that two of the «recommendations» of the personnel attending the Greek economy made, is the taking additional austerity measures for further reduction of labor costs, as well as the further reduction of social security contribution with a budgetary neutral way.

The funding gap for 2014-2015 is over 15 billion. euros and causes a nervous breakdown to the Government. 
The 3.8 billion. euros are on bonds of European Central banks portfolios, and must be covered in the coming months.


A slap on the government’s face carry a report published by the Budget Office of the Greek Parliament. It considers quite possible that Greece can experience even greater crisis in 2014, «if there is no solution on the debt issue».
The report characterizes the unemployment issue as «the darkest side of adjustment».


Pharmacists express their opposition on the decision of the Municipal Council of Athens to expand their working hours and also on the mandatory operation of all pharmacies on Saturdays.


Ert News

After the General Assembly carried out by the employees at the peripheral Aegean broadcaster ERA, they decided not to participate in the signing of any contract that legitimizes the arbitrary decision of June 11. 

As it is pointed out, the note of interest for the coverage of 589 staff positions at the transitional organization, has a sole objective to divide the employees of ERT, whom they call to close their ears to the stale government promises, and not to abandon the common struggle that brought results, since it has proved indisputably, the sloppiness and lightness with which the Government addresses the right of citizens for an independent public broadcaster.


Every day, great artists support our struggle for ERT to stay ALIVE, a real broadcaster of the fighting society!

The programme is starting today 21.00:

 Giorgos Filadelfeas is presenting to us parts from the following works:

“for a little white seashell” by Manos Hadjidakis

“small suite” by Mikis Theodorakis

“Sonatina for piano” by Mikis Theodorakis

 – Yiannis Haroulis Natalia Rassouli – Kostas Stefanis


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