ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 26)

ERA NEWS in english    26-7-13

An amendment by which the public organizations can be changed with only a presidential decree, was submitted by the ministers of Finance and Administrative Reform in the bill for illegal building today.

After its enactment, the minister of Administrative Reform and any Minister responsible, introducing a presidential decree signed by the President of the Republic, will be able to maintain, replace or modify Organizations of Ministries, of Independent public Services, Decentralized Administrations and all kinds of Public Entities.

The establishment of those organizations will be based on evaluation reports of their organizational units, accompanied by mission outlines and positions, as well as staff plans, which will be approved by the Government Council of Reform. 

Among the provisions the Organizations will make, may also be the creation of new staff positions, as well as the removal of such, by category and industry of existing positions that are in excess, or even the transfer of staff in other fields.

The whole process of issuing those Presidential decrees, will have as a prerequisite, the prior opinion of the State Council.


Tension raised outside the dairy industry «Dodoni» in Ioannina, when hundreds of livestock farmers from Epirus area, that gathered this morning, demanding to be paid for the milk they deliver, broke the main gate of the building, trying to enter the premises, were confronted by the special forces of police MAT. 
During the confrontation the farmers threw stones to the police, who answered back with use of tear gas.

The General Manager of the company, informed the farmers, that the commitment of the company is to pay the amount owed from April, in August, and the amount owed from May, in September.

According to the farmers, they are over four months without getting paid, and this fact that makes their survival very hard, in an area with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and very poor local economy.


The issue of using the ports of PIRAEUS and Saloniki, along with the new investment plans of COSCO, will be addressed in a wide meeting, at 4pm this afternoon, at the Ministry of shipping and the Aegean Sea, with the participation of the President of COSCO GROUP and the President of TAIPED.


Voted at the plenum of the parliament, by urgent procedure, yesterday the bill of the Ministry of Finance on Tax Procedures.


Further loss of income amounting to 1.9 billion Euros in one year, had the households of Greece, (comparison made between the first quarter of 2013 with the first quarter of 2012) , according to the data published by the Greek Statistical Authority.

This loss, is mainly due to the reduction by 11.1% of the salaries, and to the reduction by 11.7% of the social security benefits and allowances they receive.


Euroworking group via a teleconference gave the green light to Greece in order to collect the next loan installment of 4 billion euros. The final approval is expected on Monday to give the Member States according to EU officials. Yesterday the Greek Parliament passed the last bill, which is a prerequisite by the international creditors for the release of 5.8 billion of the loan, which includes the new tax code and the suspension of teachers with postgraduate studies.


The Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers OLME continues to organize protest mobilizations at its offices in Syntagma and a protest march to the Ministry of Finance. Similar gatherings are planned in other regions of Greece.



Ert news


The divisive actions of the Government, concerning the so called Pubblic Tv

and the «note of work interest» , was denounced by the Board of ESIEA (trade union of Athens journalist) during the meeting they had yesterday with the Deputy Minister of the public broadcaster, Mr Pandelis Kapsis. 

The Minister made it clear that he knows nothing about the contract the employees will be required to sign, or about the content of the application that the applicants will have to complete. 

Mr. Kapsis, also, does not know the details of the labour relations and the kind of public insurance the journalists who will be hired to work on a two-month contract at the transitional structure. 

For all these issues, he refers firmly to the Ministry of Finance and to the special accounting administrator mr Ghikas Manalis . 

A persistent refrain of Mr Kapsis throughout the whole meeting was the need for the operation of the «illegal and unconstitutional» «transitional structure». And of course the need of the «evacuation – liberation» of the ERT building. He even proceeded in  blackmailing the employees, that otherwise they will not proceed in paying to the employees their legal compensation.


Employees in ET 3, impeach scheming of the Deputy Minister Mr. Pantelis Kapsis, who diligently, answered that «there is no plan» to questions asked about government decisions on the future of Ert3 and the regional stations. 

The Government’s actions, show intention of the dissolution of Ert3, and cancellation of its role. Creating an Office of correspondents, with only 39 people, not even remotely complying to the expectations of the residents of Northern Greece for A Public Regional Television Channel, of country-wide transmission range, based in Thessaloniki.

ERT’s workers after meeting with Mr Pantelis Kapsis, the deputy minister of public radio-television,  suggest that the new institutional entity of the Public Radio-Television, which succeeds ERT, broacasts immediately through its facilities.

 The employees of ERT continue broadcasting for 44 days . They suggest that  the new organogram and the new General Personnel Policy is finalized, within a reasonable period of time, through substantial dialogue, with independant entities and workers’ unions.

« this plan offers the government a complete solution and is completely consistent with the letter and the spirit of the Council of State’s decision. It protects the rights of ERT’s workers, defends their constitutional right to work, does not charge greek citizens at all and offers to the society a true Pulic Entity of Radio and Television much sooner than the possible formation of a transition entity, which creates nothing but complications for both government and ERT employees. »


The PanHellenic Union of the Employees of ERT (POSPERT) and the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (ESHEA), following Mr Kapsis’s negative stance have asked for a meeting with the representatives of the parties that form the coalition government and the involved ministers.

In an interview for the radio station Athens 9.84, the deputy minister rejected the proposal of ERT’s workers, claiming that « such an action would invalidate the political decison of the previous period as well as the commitments towards troika. »


An appeal against Greek public Authorities was submitted by «Dionysos» the organization of collective copyrights management of Greek Actors, demanding the payment of the invoices that were pending, when the government closed ERT. 

In the same appeal, the transmission of films and artwork that belong to the Collective Management of the Organization is characterised as an «illegal Action». Their appeal will be discussed in court in October the 23rd.


Alternative rock – electronica and garage rock tonight at the  beautiful  garden of ERT  in Agia Paraskevi.


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