ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 25)


A meeting with representatives of the coalition government and the ministers involved, will be asked by the employees of ERT, after the negative attitude of mr Kapsis, during yesterdays meeting with him.

The employees, submitted the 4th in row, complete and realistic proposal, emphasizing the new landscape that has been shaped, during the 44 days of their uninterrupted presence, broadcasting a complete high-quality program, in all areas covered by ERT.

Employees and their unions announced that they have faced intolerance and inconsistency as mr Pandelis Kapsis replied that ‘ their proposal ‘ has been recorded, but when he was asked to convey it to the Government, he said twice that «it is not going to be forwarded anywhere».

Regarding the compensation of ERT employees,  the existing law is being violated  – in accordance to the article 72 of the bill of the ministry of economics, concerning to «Tax procedures and other matters», that was submitted to the parliament yesterday. There will be a compensation ceiling of 15.000 euros for the dismissed employees of ERT that will be re-employed at the new public broadcaster (NERIT), whereas all those that will not participate in the new public broadcaster will receive the full amount of their legal compensations.

At 7pm today evening, an open meeting will be held by the  «Initiative of Employees of ERT  in Solidarity with ERT, concerning a Hellenic broadcaster  “OPEN TO ALL SOCIETY”

At 10pm there will be a concert with Giorgos Margaritis and his band and it will continue with the band of Giorgos Astritis.


The Αmendment of the Ministry of Education, concerning the inclusion to mobility of teachers with PHDs or Masters degrees, which was a prerequisite for the disburse of the next loan instalment was submitted.

With an Act of Cabinet, the privatization of the public Electricity company DEH was decided. The Act decides  the split of the company  into three parts, the privatisation of the Independent electricity transmission Operator until 2014,  the  split of DEH into a «small» company  and a «large», with the first being denationalized by 2015 and the second being sold to investors.

The repeal of 50 specialties of the technological High Schools, was published in the  Government  gazette, with the employees of those specialties, put in a state of availability, already since last Monday

After the signing of the decree by the Minister of education, Mr Constantine Arvanitopoulos, with the beginning of the new school season hundreds of schools are closed, merged or demoted, in order to save EUR 228.000.

118 elementary schools and kindergartens are repealed across the country, while 17 elementary and 12 preschools are merged

About 40,000 children will stay outside kindergartens, said the head of social policy of the Union of municipalities of Greece, mr Simos Daniilidis, as the available amount of 150 million  euros will cover only 62,000 requests.

The wick is on fire, in Universities, too.
Management and employees are annoyed and troubled by the new upcoming blow to the already decimated institutions, and they say NO to staff availability planned by the government. They even warn  for a despair closure from September on.

Foreign consultants will cooperate with the government for the design and the restructure of Greek defense industries, that is finally decided to be done while the 3 companies are in operation.

The new code of tax procedures which was tabled yesterday in Parliament adopts draconian measures. They include confiscations of assets of taxpayers, who do not pay in time or settle their debts to the Public for over 30 days and rationalization of fines for the non-submission of statements

The bill of the Ministry of Development concerning the operation of shops on Sundays was approved by the parliament. A handwritten amendment was added to it, submitted late by members of New Democracy, PASOK and DIMAR. This amendment allows shops of franchise agreement to be open on Sundays as well.

After all these…

Greece is being  given the green light by Euro Working Group, to collect the next loan instalment of 4 billion euros. According to Eurogroup’s president  the disbursement of the next instalment was approved since the Greek government now satisfies all the requirements.

50 members of the European Parliament from 18 countries of the European Union and from political groups like European Conservatives and Reformists, European People’s Party, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, The Greens–European Free Alliance and European United Left–Nordic Green Left signed a common petition against the privatization of water in Thessaloniki. They demand the potential purchasers to withdraw from the competition. No mining, no privatization of public goods, no sale of the public property will take place against the will of local societies and common sense. Companies which will participate in such competitions will be harmed due to international and local reactions.

Αcquitted by the Court of Alexandroupolis  the textile factory «OTTO EVROS» workers, who in February 2011 held a symbolic occupation of the customs office of Kipos. The workers were accused with the offence of obstructing the traffic.

The issue of «personal sensitive data of Greek citizens leakage, from the General Secretariat for information systems ‘ was brought to the parliament by the opposition party of SYRIZA
According to information published in electronic media (, the personal data of approximately 6 millions taxpayers has been leaked, by the General Secretariat for information systems (GGPS). This is basically the total of the active working population of the country.

Brought to judgement trial for inaccurate statements of assets for the last 5 years, is the shipowner Victor Restis, as suggested by the public prosecutor.
The prosecutor citing investigation results of the Authorities for money laundering, and documents mentioned during the trial, points out, that the well-known shipowner did not include his business involvement in 251 companies.

25 out of 38 mayors of Central Macedonia resigned by sending a resignation letter to the Prime Minister in response to the decision made by the Board of Regional Union of Municipalities PED. Mayors complain about the provisions of the bill concerning the Local Government authorities OTA. The letter is addressed to the Prime Minister, the vice-minister of the government, the ministers and the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece KEDE. At the same time, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia calls all the Regional Unions of Municipalities to subject same resignation letters as the last act for the safeguarding of dignity of Local Government authorities.


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