ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 24)

Doctors and National Health System employees are on a 24 hour strike today, with the support of the Panhellenic Medical Association.

 Earlier today, doctors and hospital employees gathered outside the Health Ministry

All public hospitals,  health  centers, the center of emergency aid, EKAV. and the social services, are  operating with security personnel.

There are 577.000 uninsured families, which equal to over a one and a half million citizens have no insurance and no healthcare according to the data presented today by the President of the General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen and Small Manufacturers of Greece (GSEBEE).

Intense confrontation today at the Committee on Economic Affairs of the parliament, between the Government and the opposition, on the occasion of the request by the Government to vote for the new tax bill as very urgent.

Confiscation of private assets (including the house of main residence) of taxpayers that delay to pay or settle their debt with the IRS, for more than 30 days, are foreseen, among others, in the new tax code procedures, submitted for voting in the parliament.

Syriza accuses Greek government of «full submission to the requests of troika».

« What the government is calling an administrative reformation is actually the dislocation of our nation and of its structures, the stagnation of the services provided to the citizens and the cancelation of every possibility of economic reconstruction and recovery for our country » states the opposition party.

The Greek appears to be pessimistic about the future of labour market and sceptical of politicians according to the Eurobarometer. 

—62% believe that the economical situation of Greece will worsen in the following months whereas 98% characterize the situation «bad».

— Regarding the situation of their household, 78% believe that things are «bad» whereas 58% believe that their professional status is bad.

— 90% of Greek citizens tend to not trust the government whereas 80% distrust of the European Union.

The prohibition of public gatherings in the wider area of Attiki square was announced by the head of police. active from 12.00 o’ clock today until midnight.

The value of democracy needs constant protection and deepening«, points out the President of Hellenic Republic for the 39th anniversary of the restoration of democracy.

—At the same time he adds that «the economic collapse turned rapidly into political, institutional and cultural crisis and it seems like a tornado which sweeps everything.»

The coalition is fighting for the misery of Greek citizens all day. They decided to dismiss without criteria, shame and mercy thousands of civil servants» said Marina Xrysoveloni and she concluded: «There is no end for the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre», said the right-wing party, Independent Greeks.

 A police operation took place the day before yesterday in areas of Crete in order to remove the campers who had set up their tents in protected areas. According to the e-paper, a coordinated police operation took place in Elafonisi, which is an island near Chania. The Hellenic Police arrested two individuals, while 22 campers were sued. At the same time, two persons were identified and arrested for possessing small amounts of cannabis. The campers were sued for infringement of legislation about establishing and operating sites of organized camping whereas the two others will be brought to justice for violating the law on drugs. Meanwhile, a similiar operation took place on Saturday in Gaidouronisi or Chrisi, which is an island next to Crete, and 20 individuals were sued for free camping and six were arrested for possessing small amounts of cannabis.

A great representative of the Greek music scene, the renowned composer Nikos Mamagkakis passed away early today.


Of two-month duration and without any possibility of renewal will be the contracts of 589 staff positions that have been announced by the Ministry of Economics, for the transitional operation of the public broadcaster.

— The open notice of interest, ignores the political agreement for 2,000 employees of ERT and shows opaque procedures for the 1,400 applicants whose positions are not included in the working chart.

—The journalist associations of the country, reject the notice of interest issued by the ministry of Economics, (as purposely planned and coercive) 

—POESY invites all journalists of the public and private sectors, not to join in, the Government’s humiliating plans, that lead to further control and manipulation of public information.

—«The consensus of journalists to accept the ministry of economics as an employer, under the hostage status of the two-month contract, which the Government asks, is challenging and denying in practice, the true context of the journalistic profession», is pointed out by ESIEA.( union of Athens journalists)

—Their opposition express the journalists ‘ Union of Macedonia and Thrace, referring to the founding principles and values of their Association and concluding that «The individual right of every journalist in this phase, passes through the collective claim, as defined in the statutory principles and values of the Union. Those who choose to join, must know that they not only harm their colleagues, but contribute to a de facto abolition of Ert3.

The three-day tribute to democracy, is ending today in ERT’S courtsyard with an open discussionconcerning “Which Democracy are we talking about”

A concert with songs about «the resistance», follows :
The music program includes excerpts from the «March of the Spirit» and «Axion Esti» of Mikis Theodorakis, with the participation of Gerasimos Andreatos, songs from «Smoked Pot» Kapnismeno tsoukali, by Christos Leontis, and music compositions of Elias Andriopoulos

With live broadcasts, NET covers the World Aquatics Championship, held in Barcelona.
Tonight at 8pm the viewers can watch synchronized swimming.

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