ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 23)

Intense reaction  caused the issuing of the notice interest for staff positions for the transition organization of the public television. The employees of ERT pointed out that the notice «is full of vagueness.

In their announcement it is stressed that the government shows «enviable haste to set up a scene of civil war among the workers that are anxious, but not terrified».

It is emphasized that the broadcasting reality of the country «is drawn 4 decades back, and the new broadcaster services that will be created will no longer be of PUBLIC character but strictly governmental»

They conclude that: «the only thing the government was pursuing was to STOP ERT from broadcasting the radio and television programs, the internet information flow and the cultural production, which was embracing the whole Greek society, and take avenge of the employees of ERT»



Made-to-measure for recruitment of journalists sympathetic to the Government, a “tombstone” for et-3 and radio, no Internet flow, and elimination of peripheral radio stations, even in borderline areas, as well as tragicomic sloppiness, are the key features of the recruitment notice for 589 people in DT (so called «public television»), which has just been announced and presented by the responsible authorities, as a transition state until the establishment of the new broadcaster. 

Several categories of ERT’s current workers are excluded completely from the new DT, for which no provision is made, even for a legal department. 

Note for example, that there are 30 work posts accredited in political reportage, while only 10 positions for freelance reporters and none for cultural editors.





The answer to those who trample on the Constitution, the democratic social rights and conquests, to those who transgress the law, for the Greek people, has always been one: Resistance and common Fights. The Association of Imprisoned and Exiled Resistance Fighters 1967-1974 and the ERT Employees honour together this year the anniversary of the end of the Colonels’ Dictatorship, looking forward to the end of the junta of the troika, with three days of events.


During these 3 days, at the historical site of the ex EAT-ESA (the interrogating –and torturing- sector of the then omnipotent Military Police)at 20.30, the yearly event of the Association of Imprisoned and Exiled Resistance Fighters is being organised with the participation of  ERT employees.


The fight for democracy, freedom and social rights is universal!

19.30: Solidarity event at the ERT courtyard for the Turks and Kurds political refugees

Organised by: the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners from Turkey and Kurdistan

The kidnapping and handing over to Turkey in early June, of the political refugee Bulut Yayla has been a major violation of the Constitution, the laws and individual rights. It was a joint operation of Greek, Turkish and American services, violating every sense of legality.. Aiming to inform about the progress of these cases, and wanting to show in action their support to the just fight of the ERT employees, the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners from Turkey and Kurdistan are organising this open event at the ERT building.

During the event, lawyer Yianna Kurtovik will speak, as well as political refugees from Turkey and Kurdistan.

 21.30 screening of a documentary about Melina Merkouri, duration 13’

It is a portrait of Melina of the fights, which was based on archive material and is a production of the Greek Actors’ Union 

21.45 screening of the documentary “MY SOUL’S SOIL”, duration 110’

The documentary, faithful to his thinking, is a poetic look through memories, narrations and archive material, emphasizing on man’s effort to survive as a member of a social group, as well as his need to express himself through it, creating strong bonds, despite the adversities, the difficulties, the scarce means but the abundant humanity of a hard period, that of the after the civil war era!

Texts: Katerina Schina   Narration: Kostas Tsakonas

Direction-Scenario: Angelos Stathopoulos





All public hospitals, health centers, the center of emergency aid, EKAV. and the social services, will be operating with security personnel on Wednesday, due to the 24 hour strike of doctors nurses and health staff, about the mobility of 2500 health workers, which – as it is pointed out – leads to their dismissal, and to the shutting down of hospitals and the dismantling of the National Health System ESY.



2000 teachers of technical specialties, that have been abolished from the professional and technical senior and secondary schools, have been put In a state of work availability, whereas until August the 10th the list of 8000 teachers to be place under compulsory redeployment will be finalized. 

According to the Ministry of Education, the teachers that are put on availability and up to a 40% of them will cover the needs of administrative positions or will work paid by the hour, in public schools IEK, which are being upgraded after the voting of the bill for Technical high Schools. 

The remaining 60%, according to the same source, will staff the health sector, covering up the needs that exist in hospitals and administrative positions.

Meanwhile, on Friday at 11.30am, the meeting of the Teachers with the Minister of Finance Yannis STournaras will take place. 

» Their commitment not to recognize these illegal and unconstitutional actions», as characterized by Syriza, is pointed out in an announcement the party issued.




At 160.5% of the Gross Domestic Product GDP, raised the sovereign debt of Greece, during the first quarter of 2013, recording an increase of 24.1%, according to the data released by Eurostat
Greece holds the highest debt to the GDP ratio in the Eurozone, and the EU, followed by Italy with 130.3%, Portugal with 127.2% and Ireland 




The bill about the release of working hours for shops on Sundays, that is going to be submitted for approval in the Parliament, is received with Demonstrations by the Unions of shop employees and self employed of Athens, on Tuesday.

The Demonstration is scheduled in Omonoia square at 7 pm, and a protest march to the Parliament will follow. In Thessaloniki the gathering will take place at 8 pm at the junction of Tsimiski and Aristotelous 





With the conviction of three out of the four executives of Marfin bank, ended the court trial for the death of three employees and the injury of 21, that occurred at the fire of the branch of Stadiou street, during the general strike and the riots that had taken place in the center of Athens, in May 2010.

After several days of proceedings, and with the consent of the prosecutor, the three defendants were sentenced to imprisonment. 

The first two got 22 years of imprisonment and the manager of the branch got 5 years and one month of imprisonment, on the grounds of manslaughter of the three employees, among them a pregnant woman Aggeliki Papathanasopoulou, and the injuries of 21 other employees.


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