ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 22)



By a highly urgent decision dated July 22nd 2013, the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance approved the 2 month lasting staff recruitment contract, for the transitional operation of the public broadcaster.
The total of the salaries, of people to be hired for this project, amounts to 3 millions 200 thousand Euros.
It is noted that at the last moment, and without any prior provision, the Ministry of Finance and the Special Administrator Mr Gkikas Manalis, sought a legitimizing basis, so to proceed issuing the note of interest for those staff positions, which is about to be issued this afternoon, as it has been announced by the responsible deputy Minister.

There are still many unclarified issues, concerning e.g. how many employees this decision concerns, according to what criteria they will be chosen etc.

In the meanwhile, there is a growing concern regarding the fate of some television programs which had already been bought by ERT and, after the «padlock», remain in limbo.
One of the most striking examples is the Champions League agreement, with the first broadcast of the new season scheduled in less than a month. Specifically for the champion league, large amounts of money have been spent, as it is one of the most commercial television products and the risk that the amounts spent for purchasing the rights from ERT will not be matched, is now visible.

A three day theme tribute on Democracy, starts today at the facilities of ERT in Agia Paraskevi, co-organized by the Association of Imprisoned and Exiled Fighters 1967 to 1974, and the employees of ERT.

A Discussion will be held with people that stood out during the dictatorship period, and at 10pm there will be a projection of the film «The Stone Years» by Pantelis Voulgaris.
Before the projection of the film, at 20.30 pm, there will be a discussion.
Pantelis Voulgaris the director of the film, and Babis Golemas (the real hero, on whose life, the film «Stone Years» is based upon) will be participating among others.


A four member committee of teachers, met with the head of the Ministry of Economics at this hour.
Earlier, teachers gathered in order to protest at the offices of the Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers OLME at Syntagma.
They protested for the suspension of 2.000 teachers of technical specializations from now on that were removed from the vocational and technical lyceums according to the multifaceted bill passed last week.

All public hospitals, health centers, the center of emergency aid, EKAV and the social services, will be operating with security personnel on Wednesday, due to the 24 hour strike of doctors nurses and health staff, about the mobility of 2500 health workers, which – as it is pointed out – leads to their dismissal, and to the shutting down of hospitals and the dismantling of the National Health System ESY.

Despite the commitment of the government that the new code of income tax will not induce any further charges, the multi-bill conceals 15 new overheads. The tax credit for rent costs (and for children that are studying), insurance costs, tuition fees and interests of building loans is abolished. The tax exemption for dependent children is also abolished. The following taxes will be imposed : 26% on merchants (from the first euro), 20% on the increase of value of property sales and 10% on dividends.

Strong criticism against the government was brought by the MP and Head of Foreign Affairs Section of Syriza Mrs REna Dourou, on account of the visit of the American Minister in Athens.

No matter what «mantle» may the government dress the visit of the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Liu, so to build on it a new «success story», the dark reality that is being created daily, by the austerity measures and the political decisions taken, cannot be hidden.
1.5 millions of unemployed, deep recession for the sixth year in a row, that it is going to be deepening next year as well, and a non viable debt. Commented Mrs Dourou.

The «Newspaper of the editors» reveals the key points of the report of the Environment Committee of the Parliament, concerning the big forest fires of 2007, which will be given to the public soon: 2.5 billion Euros were given for the restoration of the damages, but never met that purpose.
The money existed, but it was never given to the areas that literally shed blood with lots of casualties, during those forest fires.
Restoration projects that should have been done, never started, whereas, money was spend on projects in other areas, that served local and political interests.
At the affected places, there was a population decrease reported, and serious environmental consequences in all areas that the huge fires passed through.

The organisation «Anipotaktes Epithimies (which means Contumacious desires)» took responsibility for sending the dossier with the explosive device..»at the Association of Judges and Prosecutors of Greece by posting a text on the internet.


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