ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 21)

The bill regarding the transition of ERT to the new NERIT is unclear to its content and independence as defined by the international standards.
Many Issues also raised by the sloppiness of the design, since no one among the members of the parliament that voted in favour of the bill, seems to know what was the actual cost of running the public broadcasting services and how much the new NERIT costs.
There are many unclarified issues raised by the intention of the Deputy Minister of Public Broadcasting to proceed on Monday to a call of interest for the transitional operation of the public broadcaster until NERIT is ready to broadcast. There are also questions concerning who will provide the call of interest, whom and how many it concerns, what will be the legal structure of the transitional operation, with whom those who have been chosen will sign contract and according to what criteria they will be chosen.
Constitutionalists and communicators concur that there was never a true intention of the government to restructure the public broadcasting as many projects were rejected without ever being examined.

In its announcement, the Federation of Hellenic Broadcasting Unions POSPERT invites «120 courageous MPs so as to save the honour of the executive Parliament» and to propose -in virtue of the Article 44 of the Hellenic Constitution- a referendum on the bill that passed for the New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television NERIT.

«The weaker and the more fragile the government is in Greece, the more dangerous it becomes,» pointed out Alexis Tsipras at the meeting of the new Central Committee of the Coalition of the Radical left SYRIZA and described the government as undemocratic and antipopular.

A new tax – «a green one» this time – is added to the electricity bills of the Hellenic Public Power Corporation, retroactive from the 1st of July, after the raise in the levy funding of Renewable Energy Sources.
The average price of the electricity cost, for the households, was set to 14.96 Euros, per Megawatt hour, from the previous 9.3 Euros, an average increase of 60%.

The Hellenic Communist Party stated: “All the weight will fall again on the backs of people’s households because the increase for them will reach totally -on an annual basis- 118% in contrast with the industrialists and specifically with the private investors of electricity».

On Monday, 2.000 teachers of technical specializations from the vocational lyceums and the repealed schools will be suspended.
Totally, the changes in the system of compulsory redeployment concern approximately 8.000 teachers according to the amendment passed midnight last Wednesday. The Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers OLME in its announcement refers that OLME will remain in fighting readiness and organizes protest mobilizations throughout the summer.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has arrived in Athens today. He had a meeting with Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and now is meeting the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras at the Acropolis Museum.

Regarding a comment about the social and political situation in Greece, the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas notes:
«These conditions remind me of the conditions of the late Weimar Republic, which led to a fascism’s takeover of power. Referring to Greece, it is evident that the policy change in Europe consists the key for the solution of the problems.»
The political crisis accelerates if no one wonders where he made a mistake and without thrusting the responsibilities on the others», he adds.
He attacked Troika by mentioning that «it did nothing more than to translate the requirements of banks and financial markets into austerity measures and bailout packages».

Today, in the garden of ERT, the day is dedicated to Thrace. Traditional Musicians and Dancers from this area of Northern Greece invite the audience to participate in their feast. The program is organized by ERA ORESTIADAS, one of the many local stations ERT runs all over Greece.


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