ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 20)

The plenary of the Parliament, has voted yesterday , in principle, the bill of the State Minister for the New Greek Radio, Internet, and Television. 
In favor of the bill voted 155 parliament members, against the bill voted 104 members, and one member voted simply present. 
During the public discussion of the bill, the rapporteurs of the majority, pointed out the need for the creation of a new organization of Public Television, that will put an end to the » status quo» of impunity, whereas the rapporteurs of the opposition accused the government of authoritarian tactics, stating that they will vote Against the bill. 
The deputy minister responsible for Public broadcasting services, has appealed to the political parties, to contribute, even if they vote against the bill for NERIT, while earlier, he announced that the notice of interest for the first 500 out of the total of 2000 staff positions, needed at the transition scheme, will be issued on Monday.





The deputy minister responsible for public broadcasting services, mr Pantelis Kapsis, speaking yesterday in the parliament, stated that in a few days the notice of interest for the first 500 job vacancies from a total of 2000 work positions that will be needed at NERIT (the new public broadcaster), will be announced.

Referring to the discussions he has with the employees of ERT he estimated that «all the practical matters have been addressed, but a group of unionists and possibly political party members, is determined not to abandon the building of ERT.

In reply to mr Kapsis, Pospert, in its statement indicates that inside the Building of ERT and inside all Facilities of ERT there are only employees of the organization who work for the daily 24 hour coverage and operation, abiding with the recent decision of the Council of State, STE




There has been tension, yesterday, at the hospital “Attiko”, during Health Minister’s visit. Mr Georgiadis denounced that he was attacked during his entering the hospital. Doctors, nurses and other hospital employees had assembled at hospital’s entrance, in order to protest against the closing down of hospitals, the budget cuts for Health and the planned dismissals.
The employees mention unprecedented riot police invasion and jeering. In their general meeting’s resolution they state that: The Minister of a government that undermines the public health system by closing down hospitals, sacking and placing in labor mobility scheme the employees, and divesting National Health Service(E.S.Y.) in favor of business interests, doesn’t have any place in Attiko, among patients on crammed cots. Consequently, he eventually entered the hospital from the back door; he talked in an empty amphitheatre (5-10 sidekicks, representatives of the hospital’s administration, 15-20 Professors) safeguarded by riot police units.




Closed for second week in a row remains the Cultural – Athletic Center of Athens at Evelpidon street. 
The news about the intention of the Municipality authorities to shut down the Cultural center, mobilized the residents of Gkizi, Kipseli and Poligono areas, who, after a massive assembly held at July 11, they proceeded to the blockade of the place. 
The aim of their mobilization is for the Cultural Center to remain open and keep working, to immediately renew the lease of the building that is pending for a year now, and to safe guard the equipment




Today at the garden of ERT, the day is dedicated to Solidarity and Co-operative Economy. The collectivities will inform us about their actions, Collective and Social Kitchens, exchange bazaar, workshops will participate in order to support the struggle of the employees in ERT and to show off their work. This will prove that a world based on solidarity, self-management, liberty, co-operation and reciprocity is not only possible but also existent. The Social kitchen «O allos anthropoos», and the Nomadic kitchen of Co-operative Café in Akadimia Platonos which will cook from midday, Moschato Citizens Movement «Mesopotamia», Pharmacy Solidarity in Patissia, Art Bank and many others will participate. At the same time, there will be an Exchange Bazaar: from 2 p.m. we will bring at the courtyard of ERT anything we don’t use anymore but can be uses by someone else like clothes, books, CDs, useful items in good condition and we can take in return something we need. In addition, we support the Pharmacy Solidarity in Patissia by bringing medications that have not expired.

At 7.00 p.m. there will be a discussion on «Economy without money but with exchange».

At 9.30 p.m. a concert will be held by the Contemporary Music Orchestra of ERT, under the direction of Alkis Baltas who is the artistic director of the Orchestra of Cyprus.

Then we have the Atribe Rock Band which is a blues-funk band with their own songs mainly on English lyrics and remakes. First Cousins and Trisathlioi are the nest to perform on stage.


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