ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 19)

The deputy minister responsible for public radio television services mr. Pantelis Kapsis, speaking yesterday in the parliament, stated that in a few days the notice of interest for the first 500 job vacancies from a total of 2000 work positions that will be needed at NERIT, will be announced.


Referring to the discussions he has with the employees of ERT he estimated that «all the practical matters have been addressed, but a group of unionists and possibly political party members, is determined not to abandon the building of ERT.

In reply to mr Kapsis, Pospert, in its statement indicates that inside the Building of ERT and inside all Facilities of ERT there are only employees of the organization who work for the daily 24 hour coverage and operation, abiding with the recent decision of the




The workers of ERT in an overwhelming majority said NO to the call of mr Kapsis to leave the Building of ERT, and decided to continue their protest and remain in the building of Mesogeion.

Both the General assembly of POSPERT and the assembly of the journalists find it essential to reject the «ultimatum» for the employees to leave the facilities of Agia Paraskevi, given by mr Pantelis Kapsis during yesterday’s meeting with the representatives of the employees.

In their Assembly resolutions, the employees make it clear that they will remain in the premises of the public radio television ERT, and they will continue to broadcast the program until there is a final solution to the issue of ERT




The proposal of the opposition party Syriza, for the formation of a committee of inquiry regarding ERT, has been rejected yesterday  with 163 votes against and 84 votes in favor.

The proposal was voted against by the parties of New Democracy Pasok and DIMAR, and Voted for by the parties of Syriza the Independent Greeks ANEL and the Communist Party of Greece KKE. The Golden Dawn party was absent and did not vote.


The Press Unions, starting on Friday July 19th, day of the voting of the bill regarding NERIT in the parliament , will proceed to 24 hour strikes in private television Channels, members of DIGEA (Alpha, ANT1, MEGA, Macedonia, Sky and STAR) .

The Unions announced that their strike fight will last long, «as it is a constant demand to prove that the employees of ERT are not alone». The ERT employees accuse the government of using communicative manipulation tactics, so to set up a setting of mockery and pressure upon them. They also accuse the government of choosing the solution to push the employees to consent to the cover up of a political mistake and to the continuous aberration of legality.



It is obvious that the government is in a great hurry to resolve and clear up the total issue with the employees of ERT, so to open the way for the exploitation of the entire range of frequencies, and the entire digital map of the country, in favor of the private channel owners, members and shareholders of DIGEA




Meanwhile, lyricist and composer Dionysis Tsaknis threatens to appeal to the judicial process, should the so-called «Public Television», this TV eyesore, as he called it, continue to broadcast tributes to himself and his work.
As he noted, the only public television he acknowledges is the one that keeps broadcasting legally (even if only through the internet) under the supervision of the employees who were laid off on the 11th of June.



Events continue to take place in the ERT courtyard. Today’s program begins at seven with an open discussion entitled «Goudi Metropolitan Park – Black on ERT, cement on open city spaces.»

Following, there is a concert with the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT, and a performance by Iro Saia and the “Colors of Music» team.








Τhe Coalition Government of New Democracy and PASOK, making libations to the proconsul Wolfgang Schaeuble. is greatly satisfied with the 100 million EUROS of value «glittering trinkets» given to the «natives» by the German side, instead of demanding the immediate payoff of the German war compensation amounting up to 162 billion Euros, commented the «INDEPENDANT GREEKS» party. 

The communist party of Greece KKE points out in their statement that : A key objective of Mr Schaeuble’s visit is to support the Greek Government towards the acceleration of financial restructuring, in other words to further eliminate the basic rights of people, all in the name and in favor of competitiveness, which is a strategic target both of the domestic and the German ruling class.


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