ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 18)

The withdrawal of Article 108 regarding the workers of greek radio television ERT compensations was announced in the Parliament by the Minister of Finance, saying that it will be restated and will be submitted by the responsible minister for the publicbroadcasting organization.
Speaking to «Real radio station» and referring to the reactions of the parliament members of new democracy party, about the added budgetary cost of those compensations, Mr Pantelis Kapsis said that the amount is much less than 80 millions and made it clear that the calculation will be done with the exact same way applicable to the private sector, after the voting of the relative bill, which was also provided for, in the memoranda with the unified payroll, which was not applied on ERT. We, the employees of ERT believe that it is pure blackmail so to be forced to abandon the Radio television Building and that our legal claims are on the air


The Employees of ERT came to the meeting with the minister in charge for public radiotelevison organization, with absolute respect to our position for an honest dialogue based on good faith, that can lead to a fair and viable solution for the present and the future of the public radio and television services. We repeat that we, the employees have submitted to the responsible minister, proposals that had absolutely no further public budgetary cost. On the contrary, the government directed the public dialogue to the matter of our compensations. We realize that the last few days, there is a tactical communicative manipulation that creates a climate of ridicul and pressure to the dismissed, according to the government, workers, whom at the same time Mr. Pantelis Kapsis wants to be a part of the solution. 

It is thus proven that the solution according to the government is for the employees to agree to the cover up of a political mistake, and to the continuous aberration of legality. 

The communicative roles are alternated with «virtuosity» by the people in charge. Starting with the «tough» mr Stournaras, who limits/reduces the «generous» compensations of the dissmissed employees of ERT, as characterised by the prime minister himself, we now have come to the «consensual» Mr Pantelis Kapsis, who pledged to apply the labor laws. A barage of articles followed, that artfully attempts, stating false information, to cultivate the impression that the employees of ERT «will have for once more a «privilleged treatment». 


Then, the torch of the communicative manipulation was taken by the «hard block» of parliament members of New Democracy, starting with the party spokesperson mr Makis Voridis. The scenes unfolded in the parliament with deputies from one side shedding crocodile tears for the onerous measures they are ‘forced’ to vote and on the other side clapping with enthusiasm and evident satisfaction, for yet one more «punishment» for the «sinful» workers of the public radio television organism, are revealing.


The discussion on SYRIZA’s proposal to create a Committee of Inquiry about the shutdown of ERT in the plenary session of the parliament is on progress. SYRIZA proposed to create a Committee which is going to investigate the «totally damaging actions against Democracy and the public interest, actions and omissions made by anyone responsible, in relation to the attempt of violent abolition of ERT A.E. and the blockage of Public Radio-television function and broadcasting in the Greek territory». Zoi Konstantopoulou said that the shutdown of ERT can only be characterized as a coup and that the televised address of Kedikoglou reminds us of the junta period, calling the government to stop looting the public radio-television and Democracy. 

On the other hand, Konstantinos Karagounis, MP with the party of New Democracy, referred to ERT as a symbol of what destroyed the place, as a symbol of extravagance, opacity and corruption, and also said that the pol tax «for nothing» caused anger.

The discussion will be completed in the afternoon and a roll-call vote will follow.

Tomorrow there will be discussed the controversial NERIT bill.


Announcement by E.S.I.E.A (Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily newspapers):
Pantelis Kapsis, under minister of Public Broadcaster, through a barrage of media appearances, continues lying and contradicting himself, reaching up to the point to talk about “squatters”, once referring to ERT’s employees.
The employees at ERT in Athens, ET3 in Thessaloniki, as well as those at 19 Peripheral ERT’s Broadcasting Centers all over Greece, haven’t stopped operating a full broadcasting program of informative and cultural interest, shedding light on the illegal and institutionally unfounded governmental policies.
The board of E.S.I.E.A (Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily newspapers) reminds Mr. Kapsis that the only squatter in the Public Broadcaster is the government. It was the government which attempted to obscure ERT and not only does it, on command of the
COUNCIL OF STATE, continue denying restoring ERT signals, but it has also illegally occupied the public frequencies with the airing of the “Public Television” (D.T.), the tele-pirate construction. It is the government which blackmails the 2.656 ERT’s employees with 500 vacancies! It is Mr. Kapsis who suddenly detected a capacity problem at Katechachi premises, though it was him who had ruled them out during the illegal deals for “Public Television’s” broadcast.
Additionally, government insists on leading the employees to sign labour agreements, which for the time being, seem to be the only route for governmental illegality’s legalisation


 Pan-Hellenic Federation of Journalists Union POESY salutes ERT’s fight which have actively canceled anti-democratic memorandum -related decisions the last 37 days.Daily presences of our colleagues in ERT facilities all over Greece ,objective and pluralistic broadcast and the defence of public frequency are the greatest obstacle against governments’ devotion to »black» enforcement .We assure our support to employees’ struggle and call for persistence ,consistence and united determination against government’s destructive plans. We set against governments’ desperate and irresponsible -targeting only worker’s front destruction-whispering campaign our united and unanimous will.By doing so we preserve worker’s unity and constant empowerment of ERT’s fight.We insist on unanimous decisions; to broadcast against ERT’s signal, to call off all employees’ dismissals ,to turn a »time -machine» to 11th of June and to continue Public Radio-Television’s function unhindered.


The multifaceted bill was passed late at night, on its principles and its articles. The bill provides for thousands of job-sheddings in the public sector in order to satisfy the condition of international lenders for the disbursement of the next tranche.


By the decision of the General Police Director of Attica, all public gatherings and marches are banned today from 9:00am to 20:00pm, in a large region (area) of Athens, because of the security measures to be implemented for the visit of the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble .


The opposition party Syriza, issued an announcement pointing out that on the occasion of the visit of Volfgang Schäuble in Greece, the government, for the second time after the recent visit of Angela Merkel, hastens to ban gatherings and protests utilizing a junta legislative Decree, in its effort to create a climate of fear and thus proving, how much they dread the massive presence of people.


Forty eight (48) millions of unemployed people have been recorded living in the thirty four (34) developed countries, members of the Organization for Economic Co operation and development – OECD, anticipating a rising of the indicators in 2014. There are significant deviations among those countries. Our country (Greece) according to the estimates of the international economic organization will continue to hold the negative first place with a percentage of twenty eight point two per cent (28,2%) in 2014, with second on the list Spain with twenty seven point eight per cent (27,8%)


In the courtyard of ERT  today program  contains an open Discussion and a solidarity event for ERT.
Thereafter, there will be a concert with classic works with Michalis Heupel (cello) and Markos Kotsias (piano).
Then, we will enjoy the musical group «Tropos


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