ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 17)

The whole country is on strike due to the multifaceted bill discussions by the plenary session of the parliament.


The Scientific Council of the Parliament identifies problems in critical unconstitutional provisions of the multifaceted bill. At the same time, the Council raised objections to almost all the articles, mainly those which are referred to the municipalities. Despite the objections raised for the bill’s unconstutionality, the plenary session of the parliament rejected them.


In the midst of manifestations, there are ongoing discussions about the multifaceted bill today in the Parliament and it is expect that the bill will be put to the vote.
In the morning, mayors and employees of municipalities ARE  gathered at the moment in the Parliament  Square.
At 7 p.m., the Civil Servants’ Confederation ADEDY and the General Confederation of Greek Workers GSEE, with the participation of Pan-Hellenic Federation of Workers POE-OTA and the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Employees’ Associations of Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporations POSPERT, will held a protest rally at Syntagma Square.

The municipalities are on strike for a third day after the decision made by the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece KEDE. KEDE was not satisfied with the improvement settings which were announced by the Ministry of the Interior and are referred to articles of the bill concerning the Local Government authorities. 

Public hospitals operate with security personnel due to the participation of physicians, employees, welfare units and Greek National Emergency Centre EKAB in strike actions.


Ominous estimations about unemployment in Eurozone according to OCDE (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). The international organisation estimates that in late 2014 the average rate of unemployment will be 12.3% in Eurozone, while in Greece it will reach 28%.


Protests are scheduled upon the arrival of the german minister of finance Wolfgang Schauble in Athens tomorrow.


There are questions about the placement of the New Head of Initial Vocational Education and Training of Manpower Employment Organization OAED on 28th July who, in comparison with the other 9 candidates, had the fewest qualifications for the position. The same person is designated as president of the 1st Service Council of OAED.


 El Dorado Gold postponed the mining in Skouries for a year, alleging the gold prices retreat. Τhis will also cause one year delay on the Turkish mine expansion, while the production startup at Certej mine in Romania turns to 2016 or 2017, till the prices of metals settle down. People of Chalkidiki received the news with enthousiasm, singing «Pote tha kanei ksasteria», a traditional song by Nikos Ksilouris.

Pan-Hellenic Federation of Employees’ Associations of Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporations emphasized, in a statement, that the employees of ERT insist on the fact that the dialogue on the present and future of Greek Public TV and Radio calls for two parts. It should be underlined that the employees of ERT have explicitly and in public stated that they do nοt block any delivery and reception process, as well as information of previous working experience.


SYRIZA’s proposal to create a Committee of Inquiry about the shutdown of ERT will be discussed on Friday. It focuses on the damage caused by the government’s decision to shutdown ERT against the public and the Greek citizen, a damage that is estimated to at least 350mil. euros.

In the meantime, the projection of the TV-series «Ungoverned States» on the fake «Public Television» has caused a new enraged reaction, by the script writer/director and co-producer Roviros Manthoulis, and the first actor George Chorafas, as well.

In their announcement they mention that «The illegal governmental mouthpiece invented by mr. Kapsis, self-mentioned as Public Television, after celebrating its inauguration with the movie Mrs. Major, without the licence or even the consent of the director, commits the same crime again, projecting the TV-series Ungoverned States of the same – signatory – director Robiros Manthoulis, and with George Chorafas as leading actor. Both of them point out that state TV (and the state in general) have no longer legal rights on it.


Epirotic Federation of Greece(Panepirotiki) states in its announcement;New owners of Dodoni dairy industry after having usurped the entire stock of its commodity ,they grab for free our livestock( LITERALLY WITHOUT SPENDING A EURO).The employees have not been paid since last March and they are ιn a desperate state!They don’t even afford feedingstuff that are lead to starvation.These include little breeders,farms with 120,200,even 300 ships and others with the same number of cows and goats.This situation is a dead end.Tomorrow ,on Wednesday ,they will gather outside of DODONI’s courtyard demanding their money.We have decided from Greek Association of exporters PSE to expostulate to Minister of Rural Development and Food at the same time i.e 11 a.m tomorrow on Wednesday.


The center of Chios labour Unions taking part in the Panhellening general strike of the General Confederation of Greek Workers-GSEE and Civil Servants’ Confederation- ADEDY called all workers to take action and go on strike before it is too late and their labour rights are stripped of them too. More precisely the labour center of Chios released the following statement: “Suspending and transferring stuff is a usual governmental tactic nowadays. Successive civil mobilizations, new and heavy taxes, the unprevented and simultaneous dissolutions of private businesses as well as the governmental plan to break down any social resistance are also some of the ingredients of today’s conditions in our country. All the above and everything else that has driven our society to misery and desperation must be stopped at once! Let us give a loud answer to this injustice!”

Events at the courtyard of ERT in Agia Paraskevi
-21.30 Greek music night by the Orchestra of the Municipality of Neo Iraklio
-Singing: Stefanos Simis and Marianthi Lioudaki

-23.30 Folk music band


Who put the last administration in ERT last year after the elections? Did we? No, the Government did. Who appointed all those consultants with high salaries? Did we? No, the Government. Who dismissed the journalists? We did not. Mr Kapsis it was those who commanded ERT which was commanded by the government. So why don’t you say to Greek people what exactly happens? pointed out the MP of Coalition of the Radical Left – Unitary Social Front SYRIZA-EKM Sofia Sakorafa at the session of parliamentary committee for the New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television NERIT. The government spokesman made recommendation to the president of SYRIZA to dismiss the MPs Sofia Sakorafa and Vaggelis Diamantopoulos because he was frustrated by their statements in Parliament during the discussions about the bill.


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