ERT Radio News Bulletin (July 16)

Τhe General Confederation of Greek Workers, GSEE, and ADEDY participating in the 24-hour strike and gathering  today at Klathmonos Square at 11.30  in the morning.


Syntagma Square  was the meeting point of the demonstration marches of the General Confederation of Greek Workers and the Civil Servants’ Confederation ADEDY, the Trade Union Front PAME and the primary trade unions which protest for the multifaceted bill.

Earlier, the municipal police held a demonstration march to Klathmonos Square.


The presence of people was dynamic at the massive rallies which took place across the whole of the country.

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke of a multifaceted bill monstrosity at the gathering of PAME in Omonoia and called the people to get their  fate in its own hands.


Inthe 24-hour strike participate : the Federation of Bank Employee union of Greece OTOE./ The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Journalists’ Union POESY  with a 24-hour work stoppage to all media except ERT./ The Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE),…TRAINS  and suburban transport  are immobilized today


  Physicians and employees of public hospitals, the  National Centre for Emergency Care EKAB and the sectors of Social Welfare Greek Federation ofSecondary State School Teachers (OLME)


The civil aviation unions Confederation has  participated  in the  strike, with a work stoppage from 12a.m to 4p.m.


The parents’ association of the Vocational High School of Orestiada requests the immediate withdrawal of the state decision, according to which 52 teaching professions of vocational education, Health and Care included, are being abolished.


Pan -Hellenic Federation of Employees’ Associations of Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporations in its invitation in today’s rally mentions;’ ‘We go on strike against new goverνment interventions , anti-popular and anti-labour measures These resulted in Greek people’s poverty and destitution, in unemployment, in suspensions and in horrifying mobility dismissals, in ongoing mobilisation, in the new tax system,in ongoing private business’ closedowns and in the new undermining mechanism of collective negotiations. All these have led to workers’ to despair and have violated our basic democratic rights.ΕRT employees join us all and declare that we will continue fighting  so as to cancel memorandum policies. We also declare that we fight ERT’s reopening with its full personell, as a condition for every potential regulation of public radio-television. We do not accept no kind pf government tv-piracy.


The General Confederation of Greek Workers GSEE in its announcement referred to the demonstration government’s authoritarianism concerning yesterday’s arrests of employees, even trade unionist ( of Civil Servants’ Confederation ADEDY) in the mobilization of the Federation of Workers of Greece POE-OTA and points out that the government uses the police in order to break employees’ fighting spirit.. It is also pointed out that these policies «do nothing else than to reproduce also the deadlocks in which the government has led the country.» Finally, it demands the employees be released immediately, who were arrested at the moment they asserted their right to work and to dignity. It also warns all those who proceed in these actions that the fight will continue up to the definite end point of the destructive policies of memorandums.


The center of Chios labour Unions taking part in the Panhellening general strike of the General Confederation of Greek Workers-GSEE and Civil Servants’ Confederation- ADEDY called all workers to take action and go on strike before it is too late and their labour rights are stripped of them too. More precisely the labour center of Chios released the following statement: “Suspending, transferring and sucking stuff is a usual governmental tactic nowadays. Successive requisitions, new and heavy taxes, the unprevented and simultaneous dissolutions of private businesses as well as the governmental plan to break down any social resistance are also some of the ingredients of today’s conditions in our country. All the above and everything else that has driven our society to misery and desperation must not be stopped at once! Let us give a loud answer to this injustice!”


During the meeting of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece KEDE with the Minister of Finance, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, the members of KEDE for the withdrawal of the provision permitting disciplinary actions to the mayors who do not comply with the budget. The atmosphere was highly charged and functionaries of KEDE argued that they were characterized «Taliban» by the officials of the ministries. The members of KEDE asked that the budget not be checked by the Ministry of Finance in advance and a special service of Police Office be created. The asked for the securitization of municipalities’ revenues.


 Incidents re-occurred last night at Palaiochori between the police and residents of Chalcidice, who fight against the mining activity of the company «Greek Gold.»


The relegation of George Papakonstantinou, former Minister of Finance of PASOK, was decided after a secret voting of the plenary session of the parliament, for the crimes of text distortion, being unloyal to the service and misconduct, about his handling in Lagarde List case. 

«I totally and emphatically reject all charges. I’ve not committed text distortion, I’ve not been unloyal to the service, I’ve not committed misconduct», underlined mr. Papakonstantinou.



 Pantelis Kapsis, underminister of Public Radio-television, underlined in his radio interview that 2.000 job positions for the new intermediary organization will be announced within the next week.

He mentioned that «We can only hire 500 people at the moment, because we cannot use the buildings of Agia Paraskevi, we can only use Katehaki buildings. 2.000 people cannot fit in there, but the applications will apply to the expansion as well, for other 1.500 people. When we’ll be able to move to Agia Paraskevi installments, at the same time there will be announced 1.500 more job positions .» He said that there will be a committee which is going to make the selections and he hopes «it’s going to consist of ERTs executives who are aware of the general situation», underlining that some social criteria will be applied.


The organisation MESOGEIOS SOS reacted vigorously to the broadcasting of a TV spot by EDT (Greek Public Television). The organisation made clear that it never contacted the new television broadcaster, EDT,- the illegal signal broadcasting from private studios with the fake title «Public Television-   they claim that they have not   promoted any social messages to be broadcast. MESOGEIOS SOS had repeatedly collaborated with ERT within the context of communication sponsorship, and generally as well. One of their latest activities was the panhellenic voluntary cleanup campaign called CLEAN UP THE MEDITERRANEAN 2013, which was completed by 10 June


Panhellenic Federation of Employees’ Associations of Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporations – POSPERT warns that there is a great danger of ERTs machinery destruction, in the installments of Katechaki. As POSPERT points out in its announcement, a technician who visited the place to take her personal effects mentioned that the central cooling system of the place where machinery was installed was not functioning, which is really dangerous and can cause irreparable damage, or even complete destruction of the machinery. ERT employees are safeguarding the property of ERT for over a month, and point out yet for another time the uncountable destructive effects of ERTs closure.


Summer cinema tonight, at the courtyard of ERT. Short films will be projected at 21.30 am and Kostas Tsakiris’ movie «Sugartown: the next day» will be projected at 22.30 am.


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