News in English broadcasted by the free Hellenic Radio Programme 13-7-13

In their announcement ERT’s employees emphasize among other things that » we do not hinder neither under-minister responsible, mr.Kapsis nor Ministry’s of Finance climate company or specialist manager of administrative and financial services from entering ERT’s Radio Manor.

Τhey also state »we inform you that in order to avoid the illegal, improvised and non transparent strategies that have been followed up until now ,the delivery procedure will not be a matter of days as the under-minister stated» adding that »the last registration of ERT’s material all over Greece lasted four months at a time when ERT was in full operation. Responding to mr. Kapsis about the open invitation for employment of 2000 ERT employees they point out ;»It’s time for us to know who will compile the charts and what skills will they possess ,the number of employees by speciality and the specifications for the function of public radio-television sector. Do Mr. Gkikas a stockbroker-banker and the volunteer partners of his possess the technical knowledge for such a bIg attempt or will they settle for a poor,improvised and non respectable channel like EDT(Hellenic “ PUBLIC” Television)?


Pantelis Kapsis has once more called for the removal of employees from ERT’s Radio Manor in a radio interview and described the delivery and pickup of technical infrastructure as a matter of days. ERT’s employees answered that the procedure lasts several months ,they refuse to interrupt broadcasting even for a minute and state that Agia Paraskevi’s Radio Manor is open to everybody. In the meantime, according to valid information a number of creators will follow the same restriction strategy against EDT(Hellenic Public Television) concerning their works projected by ERT ,which are now used illegally by government in EDT’s programme.


 Employees of ERT are not going to legalize ex post the «black» enforcement of the 11th of June, offering a political alibi to any political party. They want a substantive and fair solution, for the pubic radio-television and the society, which is going to come after a honest and non-ostensible dialogue. They do not take part in any kind of «jumble sale» with prerequisite to «shutdown» even for a moment the TV and radio studios of the central and peripheral installations of ERT and put the doors of the Radiomegaro «in chains». It is impossible to stop the turn of events after the night of the 11th of June, after the demands of the Greek society and the international public opinion

The Panhellenic Federation of Audiovisual Arts imposes disciplinary measures against the director George Bakolas, according to the decision of the majority of the Administrative Council of the Greek Directors Company to undergo disciplinary proceedings and get deleted, for asking » the Public Radio-television of ERT to stay open and keep working with its current employees»


Yesterday’s extraordinary general meeting of mayors decided that municipalities will go on a strike for 3 days from 15th to 17th of July and the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece KEDE must meet immediately with the Prime Minister, in response to the government plans for the suspension of employees of Local Government.


The majority of mayors, who spoke to the meeting, made available their resignations to the Bureau of Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece KEDE.

It was  decided to refrain from any work on weekend at Local Government. There are plans on Monday for ongoing general meetings, gatherings and occupations in all primary associations, which are members of the Federation of Workers of Greece POE-OTA.


Strong police forces used chemicals in Chania so as that the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister and President of Panhellenic Socialist Party PASOK Eleutherios Venizelos can take place.

The government violates the human rights with the austerity policies of the Memorandums points out to a report of the Greek National Commission for Human Rights EEDA and it demands that Greece comply immediately with its international obligations.


The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund made an invitation to submit an expression of interest for the sale of 100% of the shares of TRAINOSE S.A (the independent company that provides railway passenger/freight transport services). Among the financial criteria it is stated that «for the participation of legal persons, the annual average consolidation equity of the latest three fiscal years must exceed 100 million, while for the participation of investment funds it must exceed 200 million».


SYRIZA Conference continues. Voting’s for the political decision and the charter of the party will take place today at noon.



Crete participates in Greek’s resistance to »black»enforcement ,culture,media and education and organises a big event of Cretan music and dance in ERT of Agia Paraskevi courtyard on Sunday at 9 p.m.


Greek ERT journalists and translators supported by students of the Ionian University(Translation Department)

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