Resolution of the Journalists’ General Assembly in ERT

By a large majority, the General Assembly of ERT journalists decided:

We are here. In accord with the strike announced by journalist (press) associations starting tomorrow, Friday, July 19th at the private channels of Digea and the grounds of the decisions of the general Assembly of POSPERT, we stay and broadcast full radio and television program and web updates from the central and regional facilities of ERT.

We evince a series of unreliable and contradictory public statements that do not contribute positively to the dialogue espoused strongly by the Minister responsible for Public Radio and Television services, which is discreetly supported by other members of the coalition government.

On April 15 of 2013, almost two months before the coup » the black screen» on the public Television Frequencies, government members stated that «they were tired refuting rumors about the closure of ERT.»

Today, the government spokesman addressing a political party at the parliament, said that the «Black screen will go». The responsible minister of public radio television when asked about the broadcast of new Public Television, DT said that it was broadcasted in a hurry, without having a satisfactory result, because the black screen should stop. Only the government can give answers about the truth. We only can point out that the «black screen» is NOT and did not happen, and it can never become an issue of only one political party. Public Radio and Television is a matter of the whole society.

24 hours earlier, led by Mr Vorides, a barrage of a well coordinated enterprise of depreciating all the present and past employees of the public radio and television was unleashed.

We evince that the targeted tactic of promoting the «ping pong» among the «good» and the «bad» members of the government for the amount of the compensations of the dismissed employees, as a key topic of debate for the present and future of the public radio and television services, is yet another sample of unreliability.

The ERT Journalists will come back, after the new data the submission of the amendment will bring forward, an amendment that «haggles over the compensations of the workers» asking in return that the workers abandon the building of public radio and television in Agia paraskevi, and hand over blankly, the whole program, the information flow, the culture, the athletic coverage, and the entertainment they keep producing.

A new General Assembly will determine the context of the final meeting with the minister responsible for public radio and television services.


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