News in English broadcasted by the free Hellenic Radio Programme 12-7-13

Journalists of ERT want «the illegal signal broadcasting from private studios with the fake title «Public Television» to stop now, asking the under-minister of Public Radio-television Pantelis Kapsis to «continue the dialogue, even under these circumstances». «ERT is open thanks to its employees and no one is blocked from entering the building of ERT in Agia Paraskevi».

At the same time, they ask for the recovery of the signal in the frequencies of ERT, according to the decision of the Council of State (which is the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece), while the employees of ERT keep «producing TV,radio,internet and cultural program, guarding the property of the Greek citizens at the same time»

Pantelis Kapsis was interviewed at Kokkino FM, and he said that: «ERT belongs to the past, the employees were too many. The government tries to rationalize and guard the new ERT against political interventions, through its new functional framework. «

 The filmmaker Kleoni Flessa and the musician Iraklis Pascalidis by sending a letter expressed their indignation for the unauthorized projection of the series CAPTAIN SVOURAS by  EDT. Kleoni Flessa and Iraklis Paschalidis signed on as the filmmaker and the musician of the series respectively in 1986 for ERT. This action is strongly opposing to the copyright law, which the responsible are aware of and every violation consists offence and are reserved for all legitimate rights.

 In an announcement the Front of Solidarity and Overthrow refers to a government of pirate which turned into a pirate radio. The bill and the 4th Memorandum were tabled with the aid of the patrons of the interior while the government occupied the public television frequencies, in a desperate try which is equal to their culture, aesthetics and far right-wing authoritarianism in order to deal with the impact of the program transmitted by the self-managing ERT to Greek people over a month. The promising experiment of self-managing and legalized ERT must be strengthened politically and socially and broadened in the spirit of the last article of the Constitution of Greece (which refers to the coming force of the Constitution and the right to resist)

At 8 pm each and every one of us ,no matter where we are, we are heading honking to ERT facilities all over Greece. Over the past month the government has been trying to impose obscurity, squelches and slanders ERT employees. ERT employees continue to contribute to media, civilisation and entertainment, while they do not give up their fight. They demonstrated outside TVe facilities , which is the channel owners enterprise,  with their colleagues from different fields ,civilians and trade unions. We will keep on fighting to the best of our abilities until government’s memorandum policy that ruins social structures and leads greek citizens into despair is subverted. In addition, ERA’ s employees in Orestiada organise a bike-mobilisation till 8 pm 

A massive gathering under the rain took place yesterday in the town of Trikala, which was held by ERT’s employees, teachers and civilians in local municipalities and in Municipal Police. They protested against the shutdown of Public Radio and Television and against cruel dismissal. The demonstration ended outside of Public Radio’s Facilities in Trikala. A discussion with subject »ERT-Free Voice in a struggling society» followed.

There are ongoing protests from the Local Government and the Education due to the dismissals and suspension in the public sector. The Civil Servants’ Confederation ADEDY has called work stoppage from 10.30 a.m. to the end of working hours. The Federation of Workers of Greece POE-OTA participate  too. The employees in municipalities will continue their mobilizations in the following days. Concerning the rubbish collection, the decisions will be made by the local associations. The next Tuesday, the day of passing of the bill, a general strike, called by ADEDY and the General Confederation of Greek Workers GSEE will take place with the participation of POE-OTA. The Trade Union Front PAME held a rally in the centre of Athens against the austerity measures yesterday. «All the employees must be ready to fight united in order to get rid of the memorandums and bosses forever», said the General Secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas at the rally of PAME at Syntagma Square. 

According to a new regulation that is inserted to the bill civil servants who went on secondment in ministry offices are excluded from suspension.

Greece KEDE requested the withdrawal of the bill. Otherwise the bill passes, KEDE will re-examine the data and it is not excluded to proceed on an indefinite closure of the municipalities while there is a proposal for resignation of municipal The president of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of councils. The mayor of Igoumenitsa haw already resigned AND ALMOST ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL. 

In his speech, during the 1st Conference of SYRIZA, Manolis Glezos – a historic personality of the Left – pointed out that «we, the «Active Citizens» have said that the party-people relation has changed. If the parties were needed as leaders in the past, today they serve the people.»


«If we don’t overthrow them, our life will always continue to be in the shadow of «new measures»‘ points out the Anticapitalist Left Cooperation of the Overthrow ANTARSYA which calls all the employees to escalation of their fight so as to overthrow government policies and to open the way for the creation of a humanitarian and creative society, which will not be subdued to capitalist profit.

Police officers who tortured detained immigrants at the airport El. Venizelos on the 27th of June have been sued by the victims’ lawyers. In its announcement, the movement «United Against Racism and Fascist Threat» (KEERFA) states that the immigrants were being kept at Amigdaleza detention camp and were moved to the airport to be subjected to mandatory deportation. Once they refused to be deported, they were led to a room inside the airport by police officers. Their descriptions of the tortures are horrifying.


Free Social Center «Sinergio» announced that on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, its building was cowardly attacked by about 100 members of the Golden Dawn, under the presence of police forces. At the time of the attack, an English class was conducted, mainly attended by minors. According to the announcement, three people were injured (two of them were minors), while building infrastructure damages were caused as well.


At the courtyard of ERT tonight prominent singer  Orpheas Peridis with the group Magemena Exotica.



Greek ERT journalists and translators supported by students of the Ionian University(Translation Department)

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